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Wonders of tidying your room

As chaotic as it looks, its time I started tidying my room… again! And heck didn’t know doing so can land you into a flu, not to mention the amount of dust lifted in the process, talking bout sensitive noses… :p
*time passes* And so everything’s much neater now, personally speaking and did get to “unearth” several old stuffs I’ve not seen for sometime, namely old school bios, photos and such, does bring back lots of old memories. Oh well, it would be sometime before I start the next summer-cleaning up too. 😀 *duh*

On national serivce, time really pass very fast in camp and I am already onto the 3rd (of the 10th week) of BSLC in the specialists’ school. Did really get to learn lots of interesting stuffs there, namely handling genade launchers, LAWS, SAWS, mines and signal sets. And man! they are definately more devastating than what you get to experience in computer games *grins*. Would be “choinging” next week, time to get down and dirty again…

Warcraft3 Frozen throne would be out in 2 days time, would be looking forward to that. Games to look forward to these few months:


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