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Lazy – I like!

So what to do in this humid sunday afternoon… Its JAVA MADNESS again, and there I was downloadin’ tons of freeware java midlets of the net. And there was the 2 dictionaries, (one Webster one.. whee) to name afew: a thesaurus, 20+ new games, scheduler, pda functions, movie and image viewers, email cilents, first aid manuals, references, vocab/graphing tool and mobile internet browsers… whew! and all these took up nearly 12MB on my phone’s storage space. I think when the Siemens SX1 phone is released, I would consider upgrading to a 1GB MMC flash card.

On top of that, my dad kinda went like DIY crazy and just replaced literally everyroom lamp and switch in the house (he had been planning… with his arsenal of tools and parts, todays sadly d-day), with the mains down for that, it kinda interupted my net access for the day, (not to mention the food warming and bacterial built-up in the fridge) And Mmm, the place do seem cleaner and brighter now, but I think it could mainly due to the freakin stained lamp old covers that seem to previously cast more shadows than light around the house…

Lazy sunday, shit! monday’s tomorrow, work-day, bike public road riding test… arghh!


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