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pleasure pressure?

Reading from today’s Straits Times main, an article in the kaleidoscope. A particular interesting quote made by Mr Md Islam (a foreign worker from bangladesh working here) saying. “In my country, people read or travel for pleasure. Here, it seems, we all work for pleasure.” Personally I think its bad. & I guess you don’t need Steven Hawking or so to notice this eminent trend in our society. Had our ever changing lifestyles & high standards of living eating into what we define pleasure? Pausing for a moment to think, are we a bunch of lowlifes here in Singapore? Or is work the norm we don’t notice it? Being second nature to us? I mean I ever came across friends in school who would rather mug homework instead of chilling out with the rest of the gang, with the exams months away! I guess its quite obvious too, being victims of society working parents, high demands, (& the list goes on).

Mmm, instead of sculling over such “spilled-milk” are this one the few traits that we could define “uniquely Singaporean?”

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  1. ya,……..work like there is no tomorrow……..
    ha. we complain alot but then again, who is quitting work ?
    we just love to rant and then come Monday, its work again =\

  2. u_n*: Haha, I guess things we are good at: complaining, working & complaining about work! Hey we are getting creative already! Joining our few most favorite Singaporean pastimes…

    ps. your site is down for quite sometime, any light on it?

  3. heloo …ya, talking about complaining….i simply have no time now, sigh…busy busy. guess it will be in hiatus for quite some time. will keep u posted ya ? meanwhile, it’s working like nobody’s business and I think i have been pschoed by the boss that working is fun and working OT is like soaking in heaven. =\

    just came back from the IT show. SQUEEZY….hmmpf.
    see that you going down under at the end of the year ! woohoo !!


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