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Thoughts for thoughts

Stores everywhere are putting up Christmas deco now, even before taking down their Halloween ones.. urgh! My mum obviously had nothing much to do, pulling me and my sis to a beauty spa at Midpoint, boring! Marche was the place for dinner and drinking yesterday, the grill area is having a chicken mushroom stew with mashed potatoes… *slurp* then theres the usual finishing pizza, with my usual toppings of pineapple, prawns, peppers, chicken and ham. Theres no onstage performance tonight and gutton’s competition today.. so no free desserts. Lol!

There will be lots of hot phones coming out 4Q, 2003/1Q, 2004, namely the Nokia 6230, 7700 and Siemens SX1. I am currently deciding between the few. The 7700 is a little tad large being a PDA phone, but I love the touch screen and the full screen standard websurfing style/ablity (though 640×320 is a damn small res for websurfing now, but its a far cry from the other phones). The 6230 and SX1 are both similar in features, only that the Nokia 6230 is an EDGE 3G phone, being smaller, lighter but spots a smaller 128×128 screen and don’t run the better Symbian 60 series OS like the Siemens one.

And mmm, the Subaru impreza challenge is on for some days, this time there definately more competitors in the game with more cars compared to last’s year’s only one car. I wish them luck on it, frankly I see much better things to do than just putting your hands on a car for days or even weeks in a row, well…. Singapore *aheh* is well known for such endurance, esp queue power…. so let them show their stuffs.

So much for island-wide dirt bike riding on Friday and the day before, only thing’s that last night’s night riding is definately more interesting than the rest- RAIN! yea, it definately adds to the thrill, danger and exciting, not to mention going at bout 75km/h max on the ECP.. kinda slow, but not on a bike!… fun! hehheh.. Public bike riding riding don’t scare me now… da horns just grow naturally on ya head, and I can say the same for the rest in my riding team. Coming up on next monday is an island-wide off-road adventure, time to get down and muddy….

Matrix revoluions will be outin 3 days time… yea! but for now…. I gotta get rid of those cappuccino stains left on the keyboard this morning…..

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