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A “worthwhile” day

Today will be unlike most of my usual saturdays. Namely able to actually get out of camp with energy to go to the driving center (Bukit Batok) for registration, shop and even spend the night out after a long hard shag week. And so there I was book(ed)-out, hailed a cab for a 6 bucks trip to BBDC (no bonuses, its not crazy taxi dudes), then theres registration, instant photos, briefing and stuff loads. (thought he chick at the cashier counter was cute) then it a walk to bukit gombak MRT for some lunch, didn’t find anything nice to eat there so took an MRT to westmall for lunch at the 4th level foodcourt.

Drop by cyberactive, Need for speed Underground is up at stores for a solid $49.90, would be waiting for the price to drop to around $44.90 before purchasing it. Otherwise, theres always the heeren card discount to bring that down (yea bout that too, I just recieved it.. yea!)

Damn, next tuesday would be a public holiday, Hari Haya Puasa. But not for me as theres camp guardduty up my ass. But luckily for me my CSM aka “ang chek” argeed to give us guard duty personnel a day off in the (very) near future. Would be looking forward to that. *grins*

And so there came the unexpected message from Lester this morning too, kinda last minute and almost got my schedule messed up for awhile. As it would be good to get together us sec sch friends again and catch up with times. In the end, managed to allocate for a 8.30pm meet at TB plaza after dinner with my fam at AV.

After trying out the GBA SP I loaned from my bunkmate over the weekend, still deciding whether to invest in a gameboy advanced SP, they can play quite afew3D games now, not to mention a great time buster in-camp. Or should I stick to the Java games and emulators in my phone instead? *dot*dot*dot*

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