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The sgblogconspiracy, my first poem

In the deep dark shadows of area blog,
Lies the conspiracy of the blog
Struck in the world of Tomorrow(sg)
Joinly headed by agent B,
Head blogging agent in brown
Smack you with his lightsaber you may
Till his minions bow before him they may
Readers alike, feeders or nay
Till the rise of Bloggers.SG you say.

Outgrown it’s luncheon is spam
Drenched in it’s seeping oil
Assaulted comments it may be
Till no end the robots strike
May it be bayesian, the distant light,
Stop the flight, this endless plight

Free speech you say, then what’s moderation?
Tied is the unspoken voice of Hong Lim
Limited vocalisation
Daily right on chest
Recited, the democratic place we build
Speech blown in the distant wind,
Never spoken but keyed
The power of connectivity
Till this life, millions will read

The winds of change it shall be
The sgblogconspiracy.

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  1. :smile:NICE welly done and catprue the heardt of the audiance and intolerant fool like boster are make for each other i really want to heard your words in sincere 👿 but i really weant to know my sneior and ugide my ion the right path to my rightroue way as i brotro in the minuei cartue. Please Apa Friend Of Help in hneed to my phraise o heavenly god i need some advice form you that towards my ending. MY LIFE AND MY DEATH I NEED YOUR GUIDSY ADAVICE>.


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