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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Its Christmas

I guess a new resolution for me next year is to post much shorter, concise posts like this one.

😀 And so, christmas is the time of giving, or say the joy of giving, having say spent at least $250 on presents for my family & friends, guess it just the spirit of giving (& spending), the spirit of Christmas. haha!

Had dinner at AV the famous Rong Guang bbq seafood resturant before dropping by cousin gordon’s place to pass some goodies to his family. Headed to granny’s for the night, & I get to drove home thereafter.

🙄 Finished with the line art for my Straits Time classified graffti art competition, would be scanning it in for colour tomorrow or so. If you think of entering the competition, better don’t cos.. am gonna beat ya all! *blechz!*

Merry Christmas everyone.


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