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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Camp stuff & Networking for dummies

A good way to end the 2nd last week in Sispec- take a non stop 12km run, said OC to the company. And yea there we went like brainless fools, like him running madly....

It’s Sun-turday.

Mmm, its saturday, but it feels like sunday, partly because of the deja-vu of booking in tonight. Yes tomorrow is a work day for me. :cry: I can say that its also a very...

Midnight coffee.. or so was it?

:cool: Ah, its the time of the ahemm year again? when I get to do camp guard duty as part of wing regiment duties. & so how was duty as guard 3 I/C yesterday?...

Refreshing nausea

:mrgreen: Watched the first episode of the Dilbert DVD series this morning while having breakfast.. dang I should stop tempting myself to eat in front of the computer, with the exception of bread crumbs...

Book Out!

My 2nd book out day was yesterday. Yea, went for a good dinner with my family at YMCA stevens road. They had completely revamped the menu. And the food is of a lower standard...

SCDF demo

The SCDF (SG civil defense force) dropped by camp yesterday morning, which was too the camp's annual safety day. In the morning there was a mock up fire with the fire fighters arriving in...

One more hell week

There will be another fieldcamp next week, the last one in my course, marking the end of life a trainee and HELLO unit life! It wil be held at Tekong from early next week...

The week in text

Well it was a rather busy yet interesting previous week. Kicking off with me getting a nasty 37.6C fever last sunday, eating into monday with me as a duty Sergeant for my platoon. The...

Juvenile delinquents?

:roll: The day started with IPPT trail tests in the morning where my John & great moronness more or less gone for some rugby training. Leaving very much me in the bunk left to...

Eat eat eat! (Marche BMT Dinner)

This is one outing I sure would not miss, considering that Johnson, my BMT bunkmate kinda "booked" us 1 month in advance for this outing (as we are always constantly unavailable). 6 of us...

Contacts… eww

*pokes eyes with fingers* neato. Booked out of camp around 7pm for nights off, got my dad to fetch me to tiong baru to collect my contact lenses ready today. As it was my...


Just came back from camp, very shag shaggy.... ZZzzzz

Ikea Julbord Christmas Buffet Dinner

Stockholm Vasa Museum

Coco Curry Ichibanya

Chilling at Beyond Villa Phuket

Stockholm Millesgarden


Shashlik Restaurant Russian Western

Shashlik Restaurant is one serving Russian cuisine. It is inconspicuously tucked on the upper 6th floor of Far East shopping center. It is not...

Simple Burgers

Jurassic World Cafe Ion Sky

Ang Mo Kio Loh Mee Laksa

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