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ORD Loh!

Off to camp, off the camp one last time!

And there I was, driving off to camp after school, drivin’ off to camp after school – one last time! Whee, can’t believe the day had finally arrived when I get to officially be out of the army. Haha bye bye guys, bye Sungei Gudong camp, bye armour, for now… Mmm cos once armour always armour? ATW, you all had been a nice bunch. Especially on my last few walks around company line where everybody, all the troopers & officers alike, pounced up upon seeing me on me: SERGEANT Shaun!! ORD loh! thanking me & wishing me all the best for my ORD while some actually queued up to shake my hand, as NSFs one last time. The feeling is so unreal, but otherwise, actually real. While I didn’t walk out of camp after my admin clearance, as I drove into camp, I can just imagine shouting out & punching fists in the air once people step out of camp gate this very last day of service. After showing our newly posted camp MPs & RPs our new Pink ICs upon exit that is! ORD Loh!

ORD Loh!

And so this marks a new phrase of life for me, & new challenges lie ahead. Many asked me what are my plans ahead, I will always bleakly reply, “carry on studying loh.” But I guess that pretty vague as most of you regular readers here would know that I am actually schooling in Singapore Poly presently, doing my diploma in Mechanical engineering, something I would want to do in University as well. While being unable enter local universities to do my degree, (which I am actually supposed to do but set back due to my lousy grades at “A” levels). I however, got accepted in various universities overseas, such as Monash & RMIT universities in Australia, I guess the education system there is not very result orientated, which I prefer, not like the drone muggers -attack of the study clones in Singapore.

But as it turned out to be, neither me, nor my family can afford the annual $25000 fee for 5 years on a engineering-design double degree program, not to mention the same 4 years for a single engineering degree. Yes I am aware of study loans, but looking on a broader picture, I do not want to tie my parents in on a debt. Furthermore if so, I would wish to repay parents the school fees after my degree, knowing that is actually too far fetched & expensive for me, its not worth even considering. My plan is to study 2 1/2 years for my diploma on a scholarship & enter NUS to further my engineering profession. Though lengthy, its the best I make of currently & is the most cost effective choice, as fees are not only subsided, but overflowed with bonuses by possible scholarships. Oh well, till then I guess I would end today’s entry here, dinner’s arriving heard mum got an ostrich surprise… Mmmmm


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