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Midnight coffee.. or so was it?

😎 Ah, its the time of the ahemm year again? when I get to do camp guard duty as part of wing regiment duties. & so how was duty as guard 3 I/C yesterday? well Shoik! thats the first time I can ever say this short 2 hour gate shifts from 6-8pm. Then rest then 11.30pm to 1.30am then SLEEP till 5am to collect breakfast. The luxury of the duty was largely attributed to the immediate personel involved such as the guard commander who was an avid “ok if everything is ok why turn out?” kind of person otherwise a nice chap to chat to on his experience as a regular 2nd SGT in 46. The guard 2I/C was a complete idiot in guard duty, which puts me second on the I/C hierarchy based on duties & experience. He not a very lucky guy either, as a thunderstorm started immediately after I swapped gate duty with him.. poor guy, even with the rain jacket hes drenched head to toes with “puddles” in his boots, & yes did I mention his socks as “wingable dry” The last person to determine the mood of the guards would be lastly the DO, who was fortunately a big blurry LTA from HQ. Due to the storm he even told us to bring all the relavant books for him to sign all the way from guard room to HQ, which is good as this mean the lack of an overwatching person in the guardhouse when he drops by, IOW there would also be no turn out either no one to “find fault” or be questioned by like what most DOs would do if they drop by. This one was relaxingly exceptional.

😈 The last attributing factor would go solely to the force of mothernature herself who called upon the storm to bring across everlasting CAT 1 status over our sectors. Something definitely the prowlers would like (btw the troopers are from the same 46 “S” coy sct troopers who I’ve worked with my last GD itself, coincidence! I bet I could occasionally hear their prayers in the guard room to prolong the rain). Therefore no guard turnout, staff parade either! Not to mention no guard mounting! I love this GD, esp the feeling of drinking a nice ice nescafe coffee in the drizzle at the gate, soft rain pattering down the shelter in the shrill quietness of the night while listening to Bon Jovi on my music player. Unreal!

Oh well thats all for the duty today… Oh yea talking bout guard, congrats to Lester for passing out from MP school.


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