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Juvenile delinquents?

🙄 The day started with IPPT trail tests in the morning where my John & great moronness more or less gone for some rugby training. Leaving very much me in the bunk left to do DI duty for the day, so it seems… Lunch was on the early side around after drawing arms around 11am then its coordinate & get ready at the vehicle shed for more 40 AGL training for the day. Then Chen, our PC appeared & started commenting on the troopers discipline, slackness & putting up random FAD checks. On his 1st check, he caught 1 trooper, Chye without FAD with such luck (of 1 in 20), he could have won the lottery. Because of this, to PC, it seems to him that everyone’s not bringing FADs along, but it wasn’t the case. He was on a bike course the last few months so he didn’t really get to see or experienced anything from us. Like a complete stranger, not to I learn what many people think of him…

Training ended with PC takaning the troopers with a small pumping session at wingline. Followed by a demand for a standby area 1 hr thereafter. The troopers, demoralised were devastated when they learnt they have to clean toilets not assigned to them too. When they are all up starting on the job, LT Ken our AI PC approached me volunteering to help on the situation. I was rather pleased & surprised about the offer, he immediately sent one fo the new AI spec to gather a whole AI section consisting of troopers shaun tay & gang from section 2 to help aid the scouts in the scouts area cleaning (& neglecting theirs), thus speeding up the process greatly. A plan thought by LT Ken to meet the early bookout timing as planned.

😎 PS, LT Ken & me were there to supervise the cleaning. Standing back & looking at the rather exciting (as the troopers were) & the degree of cleaning activity followed thereafter, it seems like this offer indeed brought about the scouts & AI closer together, working in harmony without hesitation. We even have lookouts (observation posts) as feared of discovery by LT Chen from Ken himself on the “helping out”, adding to the covertness & eventual excitement of the “operation”. It turned out to be a rather good cohesion event & I can’t stop thanking them thereafter. Inspection is on thereafter on average each bunk given about 20 jumping jacks for punishments based on “never thought about, dusty spots” ended with the toilet inspection & he left thereafter. I can sense the degree of insecurity & in-confidence in his inspection, constantly asking me wheres next to check & so, very uncertain of his job. Reliefed were everybody after the inspection as they all completely everything in record time & on schedule too for dinner & book out.

😉 Looking back, does it seems that we are “betraying” our new PC chen in this process. Its an alliance between the scout PS, specs, troopers, AI PC & troopers doing “things” behind him, ironically, for him. I got to learn from chonggen later that most officers in the wing do not like Chen as well, anyway it was the AI PCs who took the scout platoon in the months of Chen’s absence too. This too is disliking is fast growing in disrespect among the troopers & its undeniable given such punishments in this case, its showing.

On a last note, farewell to our platoon spec Janan, who would be leaving for Australia Feb 12th this year for studies in physiology.


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