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😯 poke poke poke, thats the theme of today, as it was the last day of our five day medic course held in-camp for this whole week of end nov-start dec. During the week we were taught hot to arrest a hamorrhage, treat fractures & wounds, tie bandages & tourniquets. The highlight of the course was of the the intravenous infusion practice where everyone in the platoon will get to poke each other in buddy level inserting a roughly 16cm long needle into a vein which we identify by tying a tourniquet. Then inserting the neddle, sliding the cathera into place & finally “drinking” the pateint with the IV “hattmen” solution. I got to buddy up with Chonggen (CG) where I voluteered to go through th odeal first, it went well & I didn’t lose much blood. I did a clean one on my turn, scoring 100% on my scoring recon 1, while CG scored reasonably high as he forgot a few steps here & there, like forgetting to remove my tourniquet… ouch numb.

😉 The funny thing was that CG was considered an underdog in doing dangerous jobs, usually “messing up” & all the specs in the platoon kept mocking/tauting him & telling me that I am very very “lucky”, to get him as a partner & maybe I should buy more insurance. I thrusted CG to get the job done though my life was in his hands as he is administering the needle & fluid, mistakes like accidentally injecting air bubbles into the blood stream can definitely prove fatal. We showed them & both as us cleared it one’shot-one-kill (meaning one successful infusion at 1st try as coined by our supervising senior medic). While others are laughing funny with 3-4 tries, esp Brandon who just kept poking john on both arms, Neo, CG (yes he volunteered again) & eventual on James before he can actually get a pass! Now whats left ton my arm is just a small little hole, patched up with palettes to form a protective very much like a small mole on the arm, hope there would be no scarring.

Dad received a Suzuki Liana catalog from uncle tony, who was my dad’s old friend working in Champion motors. First thing he did was dump the book to me & say, what you think of it? haha a 1.6L MPV? definitely I would want a new car, but given our family budget I think that the most we could go. Though I was dreaming for a M3 convertile… maybe, maybe next time.

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