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CPR certified!

➡ Yesterday.. was a typical day where I could wake up get dressed in SBO & make my way to the SOC to cover safety in the morning for the platoon without consciously knowing it, just like sleepwalking or just say on “auto mode” where no brain power is needed to execute anything at all… even before my coffee at ATC. Evo is a new addition to our bunk now, a young 1 week old puppy who just learnt to walk. John found him around wing line & everyone in the platoon was a mystified & charmed by its cuteness & so they decided to keep it as a platoon pet. Les do they know that he’s such a good for nothing furball who yip yeps all the way into the night, very much allowing me to catch a glimpse of my alarm clock up to 4 times at regular intervals throughout the last night, cursing at each interval. We came to conclusion to stop him from sleeping too much in the day so that we would, at night & instead of Evo being a nocturnal yipper. Afternoon saw the night of nee soon camp, where our CPR course is held. We were taught on the steps of CPR & given situations to tackle. We were also taught how to save people from chokes using the Heimlich maneuver & chest thrusts. Practice & tests followed suit on Annie the dummy & we were all certifiled CPR trained, we even have a lifesavers card to keep. The platoon booked out from nee soon straight after the course, kinda one of the few moments where you can book out & head home in uniform. Razzy!

😛 Heres some basic steps for anyone who wishes to learn about CPR, who knows anyone may encounter a situation when such a procedure is needed:

Shaun’s CPR 101
Upon approaching the victim, try to check his level of consciousnesses, if unconscious do the ABCs after calling for help/ambulance. Here are the 3 basic steps of ABC:

Airway must be clear!
1) Use thumb jaw lift (clear foreign objects from mouth)
2) Head tilt chin lift to clear airway (tongue may fall back)
Substeps (confirmation, shouldn’t take longer than 15 secs):
3) Look, listen, feel for breathing.
4) Give a ventilation (see breathing steps 2-4 below) to check for clear airway chest should rise, give 2nd ventilation to confirm airway clear.

If chest don’t rise, go back & start from step 2. If chest still don’t rise after 2nd try give 15 chest compressons (see circulation for steps & position below) 4-5cm deep above the sternum to force choked object out of airway proceed to step 1 to clear foreign object.

Breathing. Is there oxygen circulation?
1) Look, listen, feel for breathing.
2) Pinch victim’s nose & put a tight seal around mouth
3) Give a long deep blow (400-1000ml of air) into the mouth, chest should rise.
4) Release nose victim’s chest should deflate.
5) Do 2 sets (steps 2-3).

Circulation. Is there a pulse?
1) Check for circulation by placing your index & middle finger near the victim’s neck ridge/Adam apple at the side towards you to feel for the carotid pulse.
2) Place heel of one hand on lower part of victim’s sternum. With your other hand directly on top of first hand, interlock.
3) Compress downwards with arms straight, don’t bend, bounce
4) Compressions must go at 100bpm following, saying 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 10 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 15 to keep in the pace.

15 compressions should be done followed by 2 ventialtions thats considered 1 set, do 4 sets.

Situations, notes:
If theres pulse but no breathing, perform Rescue Breathing similar Breathing step 2-4. But the procedures should not take longer than 5secs each. Perform 12 sets, lasting 1min in total, check pulse thereafter.
If theres no pulse, start CPR again with the 4x(15 compressions: 2 ventilation) cycles, check breathing & pulse thereafter & remedy accordingly.
If need arises continue until recuse personnel arises.
If both circulation & breathing is present, put victim in supine/recovery position. Monitor breathing & circulation until help arrives.
Perform CPR on a hard flat surface, move victim if necessary otherwise compression won’t be effective.
One life saved!


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