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Oakleys are in!

John at the wheel.. duh uh

A call came from a rather excited John (aka yohn) early this week telling me that the “remaining” oakleys we’ve ordered are in already from shipment. Finally! so as I thought. We actually intended to drop by yesterday, but Lt Jason, our “sales rep cum oakley order slave” was on leave, so it was called off. We were crazy enough to think of collecting it next week, but as all crazy people we are, its like aRgH can’t survive without oakleys! MusT get oakleys! So, the sooner the better & we decided to drop by at 6pm (today) to camp to collect it, not do I know at the last minute that yohn’s free for the afternoon, bringing the appointment forward. A trip down to camp at 1pm was planned thereafter. Yohn drove into camp in his dad’s Lexus RX300 which sadly was running out of gas too, due to yohn’s heavy foot/flooring tendencies… We got a free ATC aniversary alarm clock cum raido from cheah who was distributing them to the troopers in the ops room. Caught up with few of the troopers who were rather amazed to meet us again. Not to mention our own troopers too, a show-stopper you may say. We had “lunch” at the AHQ canteen, savoring & remembering our old days in camp eating canteen food – Unhealthy chicken cutlet rice…. yum!

Oakleys are in!

Looking at the pile back at home, this must be the biggest purchase I’ve ever got from Oakleys. With 3 pairs at-a-go (M-frame, Half-jacket, Half-wires) plus a D3 watch & extra M-frame/Half-jacket lenses, not to mention array ballistic cases as well. Though you may think that I’ve spent a fortune on these, on the contray by purchasing this through the Oakley- Military, Government & Law enforcement agency scheme, (which my whole company did) you can get the original goods at 1/2 to 1/3 the retail prices outside with full warranties, support & packaging. The only limitations are the colours offered: tactical black ones only – my favorite! So you can say that I got all these for the average price of one oakley sunglass in-shop, or how can you put it? Say…. call it 3-for-1? or like how Canadian Pizza like to put it: 2-for-1.


  1. are u planning to sell some of your oakley stuffs? 🙄
    Oakley- Military, Government & Law enforcement agency scheme >> what company are you in? 🙂
    would u know where else could i find a pair of oakley tactical gloves?

    thanks 😀

  2. hehe, nope the oakleys I brought are for myself, no intentions of selling them.. Sorry Angela. I didn’t brought any extras though.. ahaha wasted! 😆 never thought of that…$_$

    I am in the Military, Armour, hope that answers your question 😉

    Mmmm the oakley-govt scheme don’t have gloves in the catalog, for oakley maybe u can try the oakley concept store at Suntec 1st floor. Otherwise you can try the blackhawk/hellstorm tactical gloves, they are used in the USA-SWAT & I tried them on personally, very durable & have good feedback through the material, esp for triggering. You can get them from “Sheares Marketing” store at beach road, opposite Shaw-house, they have a very big collection there. :mrgreen:

  3. Under this “Military, Government & Law enforcement agency scheme “, does it have the full range of oakley? Or onli for male versions of oakley onli. Cos I m thinking of buying a female oakley sunglass- Script.. Dun know where got discount…

  4. whoa had been sometime this is post has been bug up!

    Previously, i recalled it had quite a few models, close to what you get in store. But then there wasn’t a large range compared to now, (no trump or even zero yet).

    The only limitation is that the colors are all black/tactical colors with limited lens options (no bombastic bright plasma lenses). I believe they are mostly for males, but I think tat wont be an issue as most oakleys are unisex.

    I am not in the army now, so I do not have the luxury to be under the scheme and I can’t really update whether all models are in now.

    I heard of some ppl in sg doing direct sales to Oakley USA thou, by-passing sg middleman/distro and prices are 40% off. Was told u can get to them thru ebay.


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