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Mid april crises? or is it?

Worked myself silly a the gym on Monday. Gassed myself with Tear Gas at the PLC gas camber on Tuesday. Went on a Bell UH-1 live helicopter joyride on Wednesday with an LTC & CPT as my pilots. Oh well, its just another week of training. I saw physical training from monday to friday too, in other words.. EVERYDAY… The last week ended with me running 5.13s for 1.44km on the latest of the ARR trails. It was selection too & only 15 out of 25+ usual teammates are in the team. Sad to see the rest go, we have been training so hard for months & selections, the day of choosen… would glad to see team spirit & see the “declined” turn up for training as a “morale booster” & hey I got myself into the team too. Duh! Reserved runner? haha.


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