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Light in ARR

Training was at Keat Hong camp on Tuesday, the officier team was training there too & our teammate PTI Richard got us up for a friendly competitive run against them. It would be about 10+teams of 5 people each for the mock 1.44km route relay. The officers started stunningly fast at the start, putting their fastest runner’s first, very good overtaking first impression though. But that changed after midrace, where we specs, have an opposite strategy- having the fastest runners last, & we caught up with them & with one of the spec teams finishing 1st & smashing all opposition in the end. Kenvin, our fastest runner did it again with his impressive speed, our trimph card too. Overall, it was a good race, a first taste of competition on the actual route too. Though I felt that I didn’t run my best, as I was still recovering from the 9km I ran the day before. My timing was still sub 5mins though, hoping to hit sub 4mins soon.

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