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The list of selected partipants for ARR (Armour route relay) are out, & errr I am inside? Wondered how did they go about the selection & stuffs. I didn’t get IPPT gold, neither I am that fantastic at running, but the thing is that am I really up to it?

🙄 So I since I am in the team now, I guess I did better make the best out of it, not to mention a goal in mind during training. The last week saw my regular training regime of 9kms runs 3 times a week plus ARR training one mondays, wednesdays & fridays. All ending the week with a 1hour continuous lap swimming on the weekend (this morning). Wow quite.. come to think bout it, quite insane right?

Last year, team ATW my company came in last for the relay, since then my ingchik can’t stop remembering the day of defeat by hanging up the singlet he woar for the event in his home, reminding him of the relay everyday. “I don’t mind last place this year again, provided that eveyone puts in their best effort in running & training, I am satisfied, however lets aim for better positions this year” he says…

:mrgreen: With this much training, feeling so much fitter already, last check on BMI, 21.6 aiming for 20 by next month.

Before ending this post, & hey, its past the aniversary day of www.shaunchng.com. Whee the site is one year old already. Guess what I gotta do is get traffic down to the site as it had been quite dead these days. So whats makes a good blog? here are some pointers you can read here, here & here. Not to mention the blog awards!


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