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Saturday Morning

ATW contacted!

The week saw myself confirming the DVD production with Marcus, our ATW officer with microworks @ $1155. Me wonders will I get charity bonuses to cover my production prices, costing $350. But nah don’t think so, as the DVD is made for my company out of my goodwill.

I think the best they can do is pay me the $200 Marksman bonus the SAF still owe me for this year’s Range. Got up & left early today with my parents, dad dropped mum off round Shenton Way for her usual Saturday morning workshops. We made our way NTUC Income to terminate some policy my parents applied when I was 3, since its like matured, so its cash back time! 10.30am saw the business appointment with Nuraini, Mircoworks sales coordinator tying up deals & kicking start the DVD production. After a short coffeebreak @ the nearby whampoa coffeeshops, dropped by HDB hub thereafter for my home office application.

The funny thing about government applications & stuffs now is that everything is all done online. The thing I hate most is making your way down to the Hub, only to be directed to a computer to do your transactions. Hey I can do this when I am at home right? Since I am here personally, can’t they at least send a representative to tend to us personally & get things done on the spot?


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