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Burgs Burgers at Chai Chee

Burgs is a Muslim-owned affordable burger joint located in several instances around Singapore. They pride themselves to bring forward premium burgers at a value price hard to beat. Let’s check them out in the flesh with a dinner dine in at their Chai Chee branch.

The selection spread here at Burgs gourmet burgers
The selection spread here at Burgs gourmet burgers.

Burgs Burgers goes by the name Burg by Project Warung. Warung being the project to bring quality food for the masses to enjoy at reasonable prices. They have branches all over Singapore including spots at VivoCity, 313@somerset, Timbre+ at Ayer Rajah, Punggol Walk to name a few, as well as Bukit Batok West (Ave 6) and Viva Business Park. They operate two concept stores, namely Burgs Burgers that we are visiting and Birdhaus.

Store front of Burg’s Chai Chee branch at a foodcourt in block 750
Store front of Burg’s Chai Chee branch at a foodcourt in block 750.

Furthermore, Burg’s chai chee branch is located within the Bedok Chai Chee industrial park. You might recognise the spot as the area where Bedok Decathlon store, and Harley Norman factory outlet are located.

Moreover, on the menu is a selection of 6 burgers. Like in most burgers joints, your burgers sets come served with fries. Additionally, Burgs offer their burgers in standard single burger patty. For the hungry, you can option for double patty sizes on order. Also, just like all gourmet burger kitchens, your burgers are made to order. Menu items are mostly all well priced under $10 for a full meal including a side of fries, and without a drink.

The tasty selection

Of Burg’s 6 different burger selections, you can’t go wrong with the default cheeseburger. Their classic cheese burger ($6) is their signature burger. You get beef patties sandwiched between two toasted seedless buns marked with Burg’s signature “B” branding. Also, your burger is topped with crispy fried shallots, pickled green chilli, American cheese and laced with their burg’s signature sauce. Also, all burgers come served with fries and for $3 more, you can make your burger a double patty.

Burgs Burgers classic double cheese burger with shallots $9
Burgs Burgers classic double cheese burger with shallots ($9).

Moreover, if fried bacon is what you desire, a recommendation would be their Burgs Bacon cheese burger ($7.70 for single and $10.7 double). It is quite a busy burger comprising of a handcrafted beef patty packed with strips of smoked turkey bacon, topped homemade BBQ sauce and American cheese.

Burgs Burgers classic bacon double cheese burger ($9), served with fries
Burgs Burgers Classic bacon double cheese burger ($9), served with sides of fries.

Also, their homemade burger patty is quite a mixed affair. While I found the meat patties chunky, fresh and juicy within, they don’t old their form well and tend to disintegrate quite easily after biting into them. This results in quite a messy affair towards the end of your meal.

Burgs Burgers Pulled brisket burger ($10) in the double patty configuration. But it is still tad small in servings for a double patty
Burgs Burgers Pulled brisket burger ($10) in the double patty configuration. But it is still tad small in servings for a double patty.

Additionally, if you prefer tidier options, other burgs selections include their 72-hour slow-cooked Pulled braised beef brisket burger ($7 single, $10 double) and their Herb Grilled chicken ($6.60 single, $9.50 double).

Pulled beef
Sides of Fries
Crispy Rendang

Also, the latter is a popular option with a marinated grilled chicken thigh fillet and served in garlic and herb sauce. It is topped with tomatoes, butter head lettuce and burgs white sauce. The beef brisket is what I call a “disassembled burger” comprising of loose beef stripes and mixed with shredded onions.

Locals and nontraditional selections

In addition, more localised and adventurous burger options includes their Crispy Rendang burger ($6.60 single, $8.90). It comprises of fried chicken thigh with rending sauce fried shallots butter head lecture and serunding. I found the serunding (grated coconut spices) quite a neat touch which does resemble fired shallots on your burger.

Burgs Burgers Crispy Rendang burger, priced at an affordable $8.90 for a double size
Burgs Crispy Rendang burger, priced at an affordable $8.90 for a double size.

Wrapping up, their Nacho fish and chips burger ($7 single, $9.50 double) is essentially (what the name suggests) a giant deep-fried Alaskan Pollack fillet topped between buns. Also, it does give you a throwback to the giant fillet burgers we previously saw a Hammie’s burgers at Commonwealth, also at a similar sub-$10 hawker price point.

Affordable burgers for the masses

Additionally, I found Burgs stand out through quality burgers at a price point unseen in the sub-$10 burger segment. Today, Singapore’s gourmet burger scene’s pretty crowded. Ruled by incumbents such as Fat Boys and Wolf burgers just to name afew, not to mention several independent operators in heartland shops such as Ministry of Burgers and Skirt and Dirt, also priced in the sub-$10 burger range with similar offerings.

Affordable sub-$10 burgers for the masses indeed at Burgs Burgers .
Affordable sub-$10 burgers for the masses indeed.

However, in comparison to the competition I found the portions of Burg’s single patty burgers tad underwhelming, and you do need to regularly upsize to a double for it to be a proper meal. Still, you can see where the cost cutting is in relation to quality. This puts Burgs Burgers in the price point similarly alongside the offerings by Ashes Burnnit Burgers we visited recently at AV, known for their black charcoal bun burgers.

Still, Burgs still offers better quality than the more expensive establishments such as Simple Burgers and Citrus By The Pool Woodlands. Also, they are better-priced to similar quality offered by Fat Burgers (a similar halal burger joint), as well as Fat boys/Fat Papas.

All in all, coupled with a low and affordable price point Burgs Burgers tout burgers for the masses, and a great welcome addition to the already crowded burger market. If you are in the area, check them out at their various branches or the one at Chai Chee park for this review, to satisfy your gourmet burger cravings at a bargain.


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Burgs Burgers Locality Map

750 Chai Chee Rd,
Singapore 469000
Opening Hours: 11:30am- 9pm daily



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