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Wolf Burgers Changi City Point

Wolf burgers is a food outlet dedicated to serving American-style hamburgers. The perfect burgers they claim. You may first remember Wolf burgers as a food court stall in a wall at the Pasarbella Suntec establishment. Now they had expanded into reaching out their affordable burgers to the masses with an outlet of their own at Changi City Point. Do their burgers still pack the bite of a Wolf? Let’s check it out.

Burgers are a big thing in Singapore now. We had seen quite a rise of western and burger outlets across the island in recent years, each bringing forward their own ideology of the Best Burger.

Welcome to Wolf Burgers Changi City Point
Welcome to Wolf Burgers Changi City Point.

Notably, you could tell that Wolf burgers are building on their tried and tested model which I enjoyed at their Suntec City branch. I am pleased to report that the menu offerings and burger selections at their Changi city point are not much different.

The interior of the Wolf Burgers with their very own outlet at Changi City Point
The interior of the Wolf Burgers with their very own outlet at Changi City Point.

Wolf Menu Selections

On the menu, wolf burgers specializes in what they do best- good burgers. So no distractions like other menu items like pasta, pizza or baked rice. Just a very focused variety of 4 burger types. This is usually complimented by sides of chips and milkshakes.

The Double wolf burger, with melted cheese and the works
The Double wolf burger, with melted cheese and the works.

Furthermore, you can get your wolf burgers fix at an affordable $9.90 a pop for their standard Wolf burger. This is what I like to call their “starter burger”. You can’t go wrong ordering it, though I found the portion tad small for my appetite. After all, we are expecting American “wolf-sized” portions right?

Wagyu beef burger with sides of fries
Wagyu beef burger with sides of fries.

Their burgers cost in the range from $9.90 for their trademarked offerings to $15 for more premium choosings. Additional selections include the Umami Bomb Wolf burger (A standard Wolf burger with a secret Umami sauce), and Wagyu burgers ($14.90), which in my experience, feels like a premium hamburger. Also, you can upsize your default Wolf burger to make it a double for $4 extra.

Notably, since I last dined at their Suntec branch, Wolf burgers had expanded their menu with more local offerings, such as the Nasi Lemak fried fish at $7.90. If their burgers are too filling for you, fret not. The smaller Coyote burger is correspondingly smaller and cheaper at $6.90 each.

Non-burger offerings

On sides, you have a choice of regular fries, broccoli salad, butter corn, truffle pasta salad, colesaw, green salad or truffle mushroom soup.

Moreover, I found your burgers are best complimented with sweet potato fries. Truffle fries is another favorite, but I found the truffle fries not much too different than your regular fries. I however, recommend fries their sweet potato fries anytime.

Truffle fries platter, with thick cut fries
Truffle fries platter, with thick cut fries.

In addition to burgers, they had also expanded into offering wraps. Selections includes grilled chicken, Miso tofu and Beef patty. All are priced at $8.90 each. The wraps are not quite something I would recommend. It does not have much of the ompph offered by their burgers.

Good burgers for the price and service to boot!

The burgers are tasty. They are juicy but not overly watery that it soaks through your buns. However, if soggy buns are a concern to you, eating your burgers inside down is a trick to combat drippy burgers. It keeps the gravies even distributed across your buns.

All burgers are recommend to be cooked medium unless specified otherwise. You can watch the staff in the kitchen churning out burgers like clockwork. With a degree of skill and coordination reminiscent of the game “overcooked“, or at least that is my experience with food production lines.

The outlet interior, with cool counters and red colour scheme
The outlet interior, with cool counters and red colour scheme.

Service is excellent and the staff are friendly and approachable. You place your order upon entering the outlet. It has a bar-like environment with causal seating spaced around the outlet. You get smaller couple high table seating near the counter and larger tables suitable for larger groups inside the outlet.

The ordering area
Rear seating area
The kitchen

All payment modes, including nets and credit cards are accepted. A buzzer pager will be given to you which buzzes you when your order is ready for collection.

Beer in place of milkshakes?

Adding $3 to your burger will complete and pair your burger with a side and soda. I noticed that wolf burgers now has a more emphasis on serving craft beer. You can complete your burger and fries with a 800ml bottle at $9 extra. This is regardless or any burger chosen.

Also, if beer is not to your liking, a recommendation will be their milkshakes. However, I was hard-pressed to find this offering like from my last experience at their Suntec City branch. Offerings milkshakes here will be a good compliment to their non-alcoholic menu. Maybe you only don’t have that choice here.

Additionally, you also have a choice of coffee and tea selections. Similarly, you can have it as a set at $2 for an additional coffee with any burger.

Notably, these add-ons can easily push your seemingly inexpensive meal into the range of $20 to $25. The plus side is that there are menu offerings to suit your budget- You can really go “Coyote” with a basic set and Soda under $10, or max out the beer and a premium burger at $25 a pop.

Still, it is affordable for the offerings. And similarly priced to other burger joints such as fat boys. Though you do get fries as standard at fat boys.

All in all, it is nice that we get outlets like wolf burgers who are really serious about burgers. Stepping into out of the monotony of in offering America style shack burgers at a good price. Their burgers get my recommendations for good burgers without burning a hole in your pocket. Do check them out when ya in the East.


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Wolf Burgers at Changi City Point
Changi City Point #01-43,
5 Changi Business Park Central 1,
Singapore 486038
Opens daily:
Weekdays: 8:30am–9:30pm
Weekends: 11:30am–9:30pm



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