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Simple Burgers

Simple Burgers is a relatively new player in the gourmet burger scene serving affordable made-to-order burgers. They have branches in Serangoon MyVillage mall as well as Suntec city. Notably they are operated by the iSteaks western chain group. Hence, it is not uncommon to find an iSteaks beside a simple burgers outlet.

Simple burgers branch at myvillage Serangoon
Simple burgers branch at myvillage Serangoon.

Moreover, thier menu selections are simple. I would call it largely sitting in a market segment between premium and vanilla burger options. You have a choice of three beef (cheese) burger options, and a myriad of regular staples at $7 a burger such as pork, chicken and fish burger patty options.

Simple Burgers ordering counter
The restaurant ordering counter, with most seating outdoors.

Moo, oink, cluck

Here, premium choices include Double bacon and cheese $18, as well as their Natural Beef Snr burger ($13). Their basic natural beef burger, which is like a premium cheeseburger in a sense, sets you back $9, just for the burger itself.

Simple Burgers Natural Beef Snr burger ($13)
Natural Beef Snr burger ($13).

Furthermore, I particularly like Simple burgers market segmentation of their menu. A basic set meal from the $7 burger range with fries sets you back minimally $11 tops without any additional condiment or drinks top upgrades from the basic. Hence, this puts simple burgers in the affordable price point to that of other burger joints, such as Ordinary burgers, Fat burgers and Wolf burgers.

Pork burger
Tiny pork burger.

Having said that, their premium selections costs upwards of $20 a meal, putting the price point in the likes of Fat boys or Hans im gluck at Vivocity, especially if you pair your meal with a fries or a milkshake upgrade add-on. Interestingly, on the other end of the spectrum, their vegetarian burgers are strangely the cheapest at $5 a pop.

It is recommended to pair your burger to a meal at $1.50, which comes with fries and a drink
It is recommended to pair your burger to a meal at $1.50, which comes with fries and a drink.

Additionally, your meal as a set at $1.50 extra comes with a fries and a standard lemon drink. You have the option to upgrade to a milkshake for a payable extra ($4.50 tops). Their milkshakes are not too bad, but not as thick as I expected them to be. Also, they are served in rather small cups of one size.

Drinks, lemonade and milkshakes which comes with your meal
Drinks, lemonade and milkshakes which comes with your meal.

Also simple in taste

Moreover, their burgers simply put are tad bland. I found they are more sandwich masquerading or assembled as a burger. It is more “sub” as in subway sandwiches with the ability to pick and choose your vegetables. Or course, if you could going for all of them, including olives is tad a no-brainer. Also, you get melted cheese fused into your beef patties. The rest of it depends on how you had configured your burger when ordering.

Your burgers are tad loaded. Tad like a Subway sandwich in burger form
Your burgers are tad loaded, especially with all the veges. Tad like a Subway sandwich in burger form.

Burgers ought to be better if they come with more sauce. Their burger are quite tasteless, lest when loaded with vegetable toppings and served with additional sachets of chili sauce for your fries, or for your burgers if you so wish. Moreover, with all the toppings, your burgers do exhibit quite tad of a subway sandwich syndrome. It is loaded and overflowing with generous servings of vegetables.

Quick burgers

Additionally, your burgers are made to order and comes out pretty quickly. 4 burgers in my visit took about 15 minutes to be served with our drinks coming out first.

Your burgers comes out pretty quickly
Your burgers comes out pretty quickly.

Additionally, a thing worth mentioning is that during the Covid-19 circuit breaker period, you order your meal via a QR code unique to your table. Here, you can check out on the spot using various payment means, like Visa Paywave.

Their curly fries are not bad, the next best up side behind regular fries
Their curly fries are not bad, the next best up side behind regular fries.

However, I found their burgers are tad dry, and has a very light dressing of sauce. Notably, the only sauces available are regular ketchup or chili sauce which is meant to go with your fries sides. Speaking of sides, I would recommend you to stick to their regular or curly fries, which is more hearty than the rosti.

Do avoid the rosti, and choose the fries instead
Do avoid the rosti, and choose the fries instead.

Furthermore, you can top up your burger to go with a drink and a side of fries for $4 addition. This can save you about a dollar tops to purchasing them separately. Also, their milkshakes are not bad though the portions are tad small, but at $3.50 to $4.50 a cup, I am not complaining.

All in all, I would recommend Simple Burgers if you wish to have a quick simple no-frills burger with rather fast service. Their burger prices are not as affordable as I thought it to be. For the small burger sizes, I was expecting it to be cheaper. Still Simple Burgers is a rather good addition in the rather already crowded Singapore gourmet burger segment.


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Simple Burgers Locality Map

myVillage shopping center
1 Maju Ave, #B1-21/22 MyVillage,
Singapore 556679
Daily Opening Hours: 10am–10pm



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