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Happy Lunar Nui Year 2021!

It is time of the year to usher in the new lunar new year. Come Happy Lunar Nui Year 2021! 2020 was a year worth looking back in reflection to ponder for the next. Looking back, the year of the rat is one not many would like to remember by, especially with our way of life hit by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

A Pandemic Rat year in reflection

For many, 2020 its a change of working environment with working from home being the norm. As with every global pandemic, there are winners and losers. Business dealing with general goods, supermarkets and pharmaceuticals industries flourished, while air-travel and hospitality floundered, much to the loss of jobs and livelihood for many.

Happy Lunar Nui Year 2021!
Happy Lunar Nui Year 2021! With the livery at the annual roadside Chinatown lightup.

We do hope the pandemic will take a turn for the better this year, with several targeted government help aids to boost the economy and help the vulnerable. Also, global vaccination out in full force with most expected to be vaccinated by this year end.

Moreover, good things come to those who are kind and work for it. In Chinese folklore, unlike the Rat, the Ox is a hard-working and kind individual who strive to complete the Zodiac race on his own ability. Also, it was a race which the Jade Emperor started. As with the legend, the Ox finished the race second only after the Rat. But only as the rat jumped the start in front of the Ox who helped the Rat crossed the river beforehand. The emperor recognized the Ox kind heart and devotion, granting the Ox the runner up place on the Chinese animal Zodiac.

Happy Lunar Nui Year 2021

Hence in the spirit of the Ox, we do look forward to a better year in 2021 ahead and beyond. Happy 牛 Year!



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