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Mr Avocado Alexandra Village

Mr Avocado Alexandra Village is a name synonymous with the super food drink. Let’s check out the hyped Avocado drinks store at the Alexandra Village Food Centre.

Alexandra Village is otherwise known at the “Avocado hawker center”. Surprisingly, there are several, roughly 3-4 different Avocado drink stores in the hawker center here. It gives you a sensing that they are setup probably to capitalise on the Avocado craze here. The Mr Avocado store here is the one we are checking out.

Mr Avocado Alexandra Village
Mr Avocado store at Alexandra Village.

Additionally, the store is located at Alexandra village hawker center along Bukit Merah Lane 1 where several notable car workshops are located. Also, the boss of the store has been making the drink for 18 years.

The best Mr Avocado in Singapore
The best Mr Avocado in Singapore?

Furthermore, the store at it’s heart is a fruit juice store with specialization in the Avocado offerings. You can’t miss it by the myriad of Avocado fruits laid out in front of the store on display, as well as the number of newspaper and review cut-outs implying the popularity of the store. If the queues snaking in front of the store is not evident.

Yep, they serve Avocado alright
Yep, they serve Avocado alright.

Moreover, notably, the store also offers a variety of traditional fruit juice options. Though no one here seems to order other than multiple cups of the super food drink.

It is really pricey

However, at $4 a cup, you get a very watered down avocado drink. Also, despite the relatively large cup, half of the cup is filled with ice. It makes you wonder what are you actually getting for your money.

The Avocado drink is tad underwhelming and rather expensive too
The Avocado drink is tad underwhelming and rather expensive too.

Also, I find it difficult to justify the price for the lack of quality. Especially for my $4 post-lunch hawker drink costing more than my $3.50 chicken rice lunch itself. It is just odd. The Avocado drink is just incredibly not value for money at all.

Despite this, what I found additionally puzzling are long queues of patrons effectively queuing effectively for overpriced water-down Avocado water. Possibly a crowd mentally.

In comparison, for $2.50 – $2.80 at Redhill market or Bukit Merah food center, you can get an ice-blended Avocado shake at a fraction of the price and tastes way better in terms of consistency, taste and thickness. Also, at least half of the cup is not taken up by ice.

All in all, it is difficult to give Alexandra Village Mr Avocado an outright recommendation, given its relatively high price for what you get and lack of quality to the competition.


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Alexandra Village Mr Avocado Locality Map

120 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Alexandra Village Food Centre,
Singapore 150120
Unit #01-19
Opening Hours: 11:00am- 07:00pm



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