Scarlett is a Chinese Supermarket chain with an operation in Singapore. It is always interesting to see new overseas establishments popping up in Singapore to check out on your regular shopping visits. This time let’s check out such a supermarket (Scarlett Chinese Supermarket) in the heart of the Singapore Chinatown district.

The entrance of Scarlett Chinese Supermarket here at People's park complex
The entrance of Scarlett Chinese Supermarket here at People’s park complex.

You can guess that the outlet caters for the growing demand for Chinese good from our Chinese friends based in Singapore. And what other place to find a store specialising in Chinese good right in the heart of Chinatown People Park complex. With other branches at Trengganu Street and Jurong East Central, this is Scarlett’s third & their largest flagship outlet in Singapore.

The flagship People's Park store entrance in Chinatown
The flagship People’s Park store entrance in Chinatown.

A Chinese supermarket at heart

Scarlett Chinese Supermarket fresh vegetable produce and fruits offered at the Supermarket.
Fresh vegetable produce and fruits offered at the Supermarket, sourced from the region.

Moreover, the Supermarket entrance is dedicated to fresh vegetable produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as frozen foods. These are served via a mix of chilled open air coolers and crates.

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Furthermore, the supermarket is clean, dry and pleasant to shop in. Also, this vegetable section is followed by a curation of dried goods, snacks and drinks moving down. Also, towards the far end of the store stocks a mix of household products.

Chinese produce
Coconut drinks


Uniquely Chinese products

Additionally, Scarlett Chinese Supermarket is located within People’s Park Complex at 1 Park Rd. It conveniently sits right beside the Chinatown MRT station. Aged wine, pastries and snacks. Additionally, other peculiar finds will include an assortment of pickled goods, and snacks you would otherwise not being able to find at your local Fairprice or Don Don Donki supermarket.

Loads of Chinese branded drinks
Chinese crackers!
Lots of picked snacks

Interestingly, even their Pringles potato chips, a staple in store in Singapore are those made for the China market with noticeable mandarin packaging text and artwork. Preserved snacks includes dried snacks such as crackers as well as preserved foods like pickled bean stripes.

Scarlett Chinese Supermarket cakes and crackers
Cakes and crackers.

In addition, the supermarket spans over a single floor. You could actually find all your basic needs here at Scarlett. Also, pricing is reasonable and is affordable without being too expensive.

Hai Di Lao fans rejoice

Scarlett Chinese Supermarket sure to appease any Hai Di Lao hotpot fans with their curated range of spice mixes
This section is sure to appease any Hai Di Lao hotpot fans with their curated range of spice mixes.

Also, other interesting finds is a large curated section of Hai Di Lao hotpot spice mixes, as well as a selection of frozen meats and hot-pot ready ingredients you can purchase to recreate the hotpot experience at home. Interestingly, there is also a large sizable collection of Chinese-branded ramen and noodle selection.

Furthermore, the supermarket is open 24 hours, which itself is amazing and probably an answer towards the rise of Don Don Donki supermarket chain in Singapore.

Scarlett Chinese Supermarket Chinese Starbucks canned coffee anyone
Chinese Starbucks canned coffee anyone?

Notably, even the Starbucks canned coffee here are Chinese branded too. Of course, it is catered largely to the Chinese demographics here, but notably the supermarket is also frequented by locals as well looking to grab a bargain or something new.

Herbal drinks
Snacks corner
That’s all folks!

All in all, Scarlett Chinese Supermarket is a refreshing retail offering here in Chinatown. Definitely a place to get your Chinese food fix!



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