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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Slept on the bus on the way home today and missed my stop, one of the dumb things I ever get to do in life… I am just super tried today, normally I would try to stay awake to enjoy my weekends but today’s an exception- having slept from 4.30am only to wake up at 7.25am yesterday to complete some dumb planning exercise revision thingy. Its even worst than going outfield (fieldcamp), at least you get you full 7 hours of rest there.

This shagging moment is one to be remembered, considering that you are still incamp, near your living quarters where you can move to and fro, in and out, but you can sleep cos you got to much things and planning given to you on purpose late at night to us teams to compile and finish! argh. Concussed on my bed after showering upon reaching home today 3pm (and yea so busy till be even didn’t even get to bathe for 2 days INCAMP, the feeling in just weird!). Plans to go catch a movie (School of rock) in the afternoon is pretty much cancelled too because of this. Woke up around 7pm today just in time for dinner, then did some gaming and reading before concussing for a second time today.

Would be having Tim Sum breakfast outside tomorrow morning, would be looking forward to that! yummy!

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