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Thoughts for food.

Its slightly less than 1 week into 2004 and my mum is all ready putting on chinese new year decorations around the house, all red, I see. Well Chinese new year is around the corner too, very exciting wonder how much ang pao money will I get this year….

Breakfast was special, as intended we, as a family had tim sum, where? at bukit merah view hawker center, the store is quite popular with the people around there, though I should reco they serve a larger variety of tim sum, as they are definately lacking in some popular dishes such as shrimp puffs and “man tou” (pan fried golden buns). After that, besides gaming all my time away in front of the computer, got some good guitar practice today, few hours in the morning and later in the evening, finally getting my strumming up to some acceptable standards, playing with the E, D and A chords mostly.. *duh* Later around noon, went out to the nearby 162 family restaurant in BM for lunch. Shopped around the central thereafter for some gadgets like a mini fan for “luxuries” whenever I am outfield training and got some grocery chores done roughly within an hour before heading home.

And now, Its the same old boring phrase- BOOK IN To CAMP AGAIN….

Only that this time, theres no mid-week breather break like what we had the last 2 weeks (christmas and new year) DaRn!

On a note, it’s 2 1/2 weeks before I get my 3rd SGT rank, and the end of life as a army trainee too. Lots of stuff had happened so far on course, very interesting things I say, but very fun too. The instructors are very kind and professional. gd gd. I think I did miss out some thing that the course accomodation is indeed very nice and new, in fact better than what it was in unit.. *dreamz* With that, though sadly, I feel that I am currently under allot of pressure by my OC to get the best trainee position in course presently, well because he knew bout it too. Though I can tell that it is “undirected positive motivation” It just bugs me for him to tell that that he have “something waiting for me” when I return back to unit. Not to mention not wanting to disappoint what my unit mates and CSM have expected on me. Well, I am already trying my best!

Moreover, I hope that my achievements throughout the course won’t imply much of an offense to other trainees, esp those who long for best trainee position too. I had seen such “politics” going on in BMT before, but so far I had not seen such behavior here myself, partly everybody as commanders are definately more mature and thinking than those childish BMT bastards…

When I come to think about it, it came pretty much of a surprise too me too- The thought of best trainee actually didn’t even dawn to me (being such a slacker myself, through BMT and Sispec) till one of the course instructors told me of some finalisation they had made to so-called “pluck of the cream of the crop”… SHITZ!

Hope all goes well. I just gotta stop counting the chickens before they are hatched too. It not end of course yet and anything and anybody could take over my top spot… Mmm though, the title of best trainee does seems good too.. *grins*

Just gotta try my best… day by day

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