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Saturday, March 2, 2024

The fun’s over.

So much for new year’s day, I just wanna update the blog on some new stuffs I tried today before booking back to camp, namely acquiring a new interest- paintball!, with Tippmann USA having a gun of my liking, the A-5. Orchard CC is the place in Singapore with a paintball fighting arena, not to mention the amount of money I have to put in to start such a sporting interest.

Oh well. *grins*

Played a little warcraft3 in the afternoon, Installed Gunbound, a cute worms like game and got quite stuck to it for awhile. Ok with that in hand then, I would be back this saturday evening. so tata!

Currently Listening: MIG’ELs – Funky-Disco-House Mix (1:14:14)

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