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Polar Express

🙄 The day started with mad dash to finish up the Adoc scout platoon doctrine research for CG, finishing 12noon with an information overload. The problem with the internet is not being able to find information & you do not skills to do so, what you need are skills to know whats relavant. Intended to drop by wisma to repiar my Sony DVM-1 portable DVD player which is still under warranty, then meet up with geoff & gang for lunch. But it was put to a disappointing change in plans due to a 30mins delay for bus no 14 at my nearby busstop anyway. Stupid SBS, even when nichol highway opens today, I bet it won’t disrupt bus schdules so much. During my wait at least 4 buses from every service no passed through the busstop, but no sign my my bus! Things was starting to get out of hand & I knew I had to get there straight…

💡 So.. I called dad who willingly drove me to Orchard, Taka within 10mins record time, given the christmas traffic. Alighted at the taxi stand behind taka, reaching the 4th floor coco steamboat resturant at 1.30pm (ahha I was late!) to meet up with geoff, shup (aka the ball), yingxian & zongjie. It was a buffet style all you can eat steamboat. Flat rate of $25 (but I paid $25 more for the jug of beer as I was late) we didn’t managed to get really full as we took our time, chatting, eating & yes ordering for almost 3hours+ so its eat digest, eat some more. The food spread for lunch is rather limited & we kinda grew tried of the same buffet orders by our 5th spread. Dinner offers a larger range at an addition expense of $12. Generally the service is great, very friendly staff but yes they could work on the spread. & yes did I mention geoff ate 2kg worth of prawns?

😆 Went christmas deco shooting around the area before eventually stopping by wisma to get my DVD player repaired. The guy who attended to me at the service counter was rather gay. Maybe in terms of his behavior: very feminine way definitely reminded me about geoffery’s bitching about the ever large gay presence in his own BMT, esp his BUDDY. Had to put with him of talking all kinds of stuffs upon seeing my driver’s license (which I used for identification for product registration & warranty & stuffs) like how many times I took the driving test, private school?….

When its all over, sent Zongjie off at the orchard MRT before window shopping around cine where geoff got 2 dry-fit nike shirts after purchasing tiks to a 7.35pm Polar express movie. Bounced our way to heeren where we went neoprint crazy as usual at the annex. Took the interesting one being the 20 shot machine which we went thru the 2nd rds, quite interesting… Caught polar express at 7.50pm, missed the starting by abit as we had to queue for popcorn, headed home after the movie.

Polar express is one movie you should catch if you curious about santa’s modern headquarters, trains, christmas of just plain charmed by the notalotic feel of christmas at the south pole. The animation is rather ok, considering it is based on real acting scenes. Otherwise a very family/kid friendly show overrall. A show which I would recommend to instill any christmas cheer into anyone this christmas if are willingly, if not there are of course much better shows like the incredibles out there.

All in hand, the outing with the usual 4 foursome is very much great with the excpetion of julia’s & yuying’s absence was ever fun, not to mention full of bounce (ahha) it was great especially catching up on old times & so. Geoffrey will be flying off back to Melbourne next friday, wish him all the best in his studies.

😀 Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Nadine: haha yea it can get real fun esp if it requires many shots & poses to think about. The fun part comes when everything gets messy & the shots start to turn out screwy but otherwise very funny & comical! :mrgreen: But come to think about it, its getting more expensive nowadays heh? $9 bucks, not like $4 for old neoprints back then. 😐

    GaMerZ: hohoho!


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