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Phoenix hotel cafe garden high tea

Its time again where Mum couldn’t just start planning for the next family big feast, this time she’ve managed to redeem free Phoenix hotel high tea buffet entry coupons from the singtel reward points dad’s accumulated. So… what more than a free buffet feast at 3.30pm in the day? All in hand we all woke up late after staying up late on saturday, around 2am to be excat so we kinda had a late breakfast at around 11am so we can skip lunch at the usual 1pm timing & head straight for the buffet high tea at round 3pm- just as smartly planned.

➡ The garden cafe is located at the basement of the hotel, quite isolated I say, but otherwise the place is quite well themed & decorated. The crowd would be just right if it weren’t for the valueair company function held concurrently on, bringing in sudden & unexpected masses of people, leading to magical disappearance of food just like how you would encounter with Taiwanese tourists around. But the kitchen always kept up with the demand. Overall the food variety span over the many cuisines- Chinese, western, indian & local favorites but otherwise quite limited, not much as we can expect, as its a high tea anyway, not a full fledged buffet lunch. Heh bet they didn’t see us coming around & treating it as lunch.. & even dinner!

😯 Crossed over to orchard plaza to checkout some hobby store at the 3rd floor in response to a 20% discount off all items opportunity from the chevrons club members discount booklet. Orchard plaza is damn creepy, not to mention very empty with many stores closed down. Didn’t know of such a shopping center along orchard, very shocking indeed. Found the store after a short search, only to find out that it turned into a TAILOR SHOP! which too, was closed down… rats…. guess that discount booklet I was holding was kinda hem.. pretty old? Continued along orchard to the Sony service center at Wisma to collect my DVD player which to my dismay, was not ready yet. The service personnel said that they would call me when the player’s repaired, but wasn’t it told to me last week that it would be ready in 1 week’s time? & man wasn’t I told about the call informing thingie! Dropped by the orchard hello shop to check out the nokia 6260 which I was quite interested in, in terms of features from their site, but its tad quite big for a flip phone a great drawback. Guess I would be saving my cash for my Dell x50v next year then. Zipped down heeren with sis where she went bonkers over some cute badges at Burlington greetings & yes I had to pay for em cos she forgot her wallet, otherwise quite a good trip thereafter to PK computers, annex & action city. After all that shopping, we were all still full from the buffet! & its already 8pm!

😉 So thats about it played some NFS Underground 2 before getting ready to book into camp for another week of erm… work? otherwise its should be quite a slack week too. With our CPR course on on thurs & a medical appointment on fri, heh.. it should be a fast week too!


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