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Advanced Trainfire Package ATP Marksman

Had my ATP-M (Advanced trainfire package ATP maneuver) test yesterday, very much like the run-down type range test I’ve last month, only that instead of using the 5.56mm Carbine I fired with previously, today’s firing was done with my company’s using the newer SAR-21 5.56mm Bullpup rifle.

Generally speaking, firing with the SAR-21 rifle have its good and bad points. It is much heavier, has a theoretical lower rate of fire, but compensated with its accuracy over long ranges. Overall unlike the older and less-reliable carbine, the SAR-21 is my preferred weapon. If you ever need a trusty and reliable weapon. Live-firing is usually conducted at the outdoors ranges in the Lim Chu Kang region.

Furthermore, shooting now is very much easier, especially at night with the integrated laser aiming device, don’t even need to use the included 1.5x optical scope. The rifle is very stable even firing up to 300m and I am sure it can do better further. To get a marksman you need a 32/40 score.

Heres is the rundown of the Advanced Train fire Package ATP the result of my day shoot:

Day Shoot

  • 300m 6/6 (Random Fig 11, Fig 12)
  • 200m 3/6 (Random Fig12, Fig 15)
  • 100m 2/3 (Fig 11 moving target) & 2/3 (Fig 15)
  • 50m 3/6 (Random Fig12, Fig 15)

I thought it was all over when I hit 16/24 in total for my day shoot, that means I needed 4 more to pass & 16 more to acheive a marksman. Yes a very pressuring and stressful situation I say. Heres the result for the night shoot:

Night Shoot

  • 100m 4/4 (Fig 12 shadowed)
  • 100m 4/4 (Fig 12 flashing)
  • 50m 4/4 (Fig 12 flashing)
  • 200m 4/4 (Fig 11 lum)

All in all, so that’s 16 folks, that means a total of 32/40, MARKSMAN! wheee! I am $200 richer now. 😀 This amount shall be paid into every servicemen bank account in addition to your service pay. Even by today’s standards, its is actually not difficult to obtain an ATP marksman. It had been so prevalent that it is almost a “company standard” now. All to boast trooper morale with incentives too to keep up good work. We all too, have an excellent and reliable rifle to thank.

Finally, on my regular television rants, the 2nd season of The Apprentice is now screening in the states. Lets see how much Donald Trumph and the fresh 18 candidates have to offer this time…;)

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