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The week recap-tion

*yawns* boy am I spent, well heres some stuff worth recapping…

First off came the rather pleasant news on sunday about the 5 day work week for both civil servants including schools & army camps. It official in my camp that the practice will start next month & working hours will be extended from 8am-5pm to 8am-6pm. Frankly those who get to lose are those who stay out everyday in camp, unlike most peeps like us, working to 8pm-9pm on occasions & staying-in camp everyday is the norm, however, booking out on friday night every week is an utmost welcome I say.

Started some serious woodwork on monday where me & my bunkmate, John stayed back at coyline building the plywood bionix waterpoint for the army half marathon, not an easy task, many would think otherwise, painting will start next week. The next following days were spent couped up in Armour HQ (aka head of AOH ops & shitwork) doing & *finally* finishing whats left of the Open house map & flash intro. Late week, thursday & friday were range days where I attained my marksman.

Mum & Dad dropped by the comdex 2004 suntec exhitbition & got me a creative SLiX barebone PC with audigy 2 soundcard for about $200, not a bad deal, a perfect combo for my new & upcoming Home theater PC (HTPC). Now all I have to do is to get an upgrade for my present workstation & transfer my old P4 2.53Ghz processor, 80GB harddrive & CD burner to the new HTPC.

Saturday (today) was very much spent at home, given an early bookout bonus for all markmans in the coy. It turned out (& expectedly) that karpal, my fellow AOH siakang warrior alliance member called up for some last minute flash movie add-ons & changes. Being slaves to endless fussy revisions & comments, our weekends are always literally spent (includng this only weekend afternoon I have for myself this week) doing AOH work. Finished it up around 6pm, delaying my dinner appointment with my parents, but they were understanding & weren’t as naggy as before. Tomorrow would be a day burnt on the AOH roadshow at Toa Payoh Hub, see you there if you may, I would be manning the darned info management counter :???:, hope my OC would appreciate that & give me a very much needed off in return.


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