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Alien Vs Predator

Back then, Alien was quite a good hit, so was Predator & its series, but what you get when you merge these two movies into one? Closely, a lame but not necessary cheap show without much of a plot unless if you are really a predator or alien fan, otherwise you did better spend money on better shows such as Fahrenheit 9/11, but for now lets say let the Alien vs predator flick be limited to comics & the rather popular PC game versions…

Cheers to Dominic, Qingrui & Alvin for the meet today, had lunch at lido orchard KFC after shopping around Wisma, Taka & Hereen. Changed my classic Singtel plan to the new iOne Plus plan for $25.90 a month with 100mins free outgoing talktime & free incoming all day. Not bad, so don’t expect me to call you, Call me! :mrgreen: Oh yea!

Got a new Creative wireless desktop 6000 (mouse & keyboard) for my new home entertainment PC. Would be starting on a modding project to build a new computer case out of wood, exciting.. since I am involved with quite alot of woodwork for the week building & designing waterpoints for the Army Half Marathon, why not use some excess wood to make a case? we will see when the project is up & going…

For now, gotta book into camp soon…


  1. i also wan creative wireless desktop. boohoo*maybe wait for comex?my bro has been bugging me for one. er, if got excess, can make one case for me anot ? *thick-skin*

  2. Comex is on this weekend, maybe you can check out some good deals there? I got my creative desktop at a bargain of $59.90 at PK computers, umm the cheapest desktop on sale there? considering the similar microsoft & logitech ones are going at $169… 😯 Haha I think you won’t want a case built by me, firstly this is my first case mod, so I am not very much a veteran in this field you may, moreover come to think bout it, using wood with computer electrical parts isn’t a very wonderful combination for electrical fires either :D. haha lets see how it turns out then.. 😉


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