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Its just like another weekend.

Having christmas day off camp is just like having another weekend (book out the day before and back the very next night) when you come to think about it, we NSFs are actually working 6 day weeks in the army, talking about worker exploitation! And on top of that we work 72 hours a week without overtime pay either, dammit!

With that discovery aside, it had been quite a nice week so far with the exception of me almost catching a fever 2 days ago after the dumb mud pool experience and having a bad flu this morning. However, Its neat to have a day off midweek to let of some steam, esp with the fast pace of incamp training, sa “breather” is very much appreciated.

Yea! theres only tomorrow (friday) and saturday morning of “work” till I book out of the hellhole again, hope it will be fast, then out to civilian life again! But first, gotta book-in back to camp tonite to actualy make that happen…


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