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Yea, got my guitar today, a Washburn WG228 electric guitar, plays well on the clean and distorts. On the technical side, it spots a humbucker/single coil/humbucker (H/S/H) setup, Floyd-Rose tremlo with locking system and a well finished fretboard and polished greenish-black body throughout. Very worth it for the price range. I settled for an ibanez practice amp and a HoM bag which came as a package, everything setting me back by about $450. And da music store (Swee Lee) was rather much more crowded than usual, partly because they are having a year end sale at the moment. The guy who served me was rather on and kind, quite good service I say.Ok time for more practice on this guitar before I can get up and making music again.

Rock time!

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  1. hey do u still play your wg228? i just bought mine a month ago, and im just searching info bout this guitar so i ended up on your blog. there’s not much info to find. i see you posted on 2003. hahah 5 years have past. i just want to know if your guitar still works. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • Hi jologs, yea my guitar still works, only the strings that came with it won’t last quite long. Got them changed hardly after 1/2 year of playing. Now most of the time my guitar is left in the storage, had not got much time to play with it now.

      The washburn is a descent affordable guitar, though it won’t be up there in the fenders and gibs, it’s still a rather well made one which lasts till now, that is if you take care of it!


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