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Double Degree?

😳 Woke up at 11.30am today where mum had breakfast waiting for me. Obviously she had been waiting for me to wake up as we could check out the Australia university options there. Caught a cab from home to the center & before we know it we are already at the RELC building 1pm. Wendy was this nice counselor whom attended to us this non-profit organization known as the idp & was set up by the Australian education board providing for Singaporean students intending to study aboard. After some recommendations & brochures from universities in Melbourne, a generally good vicinity downunder. We manages to zero down to few engineering courses offered by Uni of Melbourne, Uni of New South Wales (UNSW) & Monash University. I always wanted to do a course which blends all my interests together- engineering mechanical, drawing/design & computers. Uni of Melbourne & UNSW both offer only either undergrad courses engineering OR design as seperate degrees with direct honours. Dang! Till we came about a double degree offer by Monash college- The Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design). PERFECT! I would be consiering that, with a dip for 19months before starting undergrad studies. But total tuition fees cum accomdation would costs a gross $50k a month… drag.. well mroe research yet to come.

Had lunch at the building’s 2nd floor restaurant. It too small to be called a full restaurant, very much like a coffee house, offering set lunches for 6.50 very much a small family business, quite OK I say. Caught a cab to novena where I dropped mum off the MRT station due to the rain in the immediate area. Had the cab drop me off the skin center for my medical appointment. Both cab trips costs $5 each.. so saying the distance from home to RELC & RELC to novena is the same distance?

➡ Took MRT from novena to orchard, wisma to collect my DVD player from the Sony service center. The players play fine now, but the damaged buttons are still kinda hard to press. But otherwise not much of a hinder. Window shopped around the area when it started raining. There are lots of DBS black card people offering umbrella sheltering for shoppers point to point arcoss the paragon juntion area in the rain. I won’t be amused if they ferry you to the DBS card kiosk & leave you stranded there with their promoting & branging. Got a shark wrist support & dolphin handphone holder from a sale in action city. PK is having tribes vengence with men of valour going for $49.90, thats 2-for-1 dudes.

😛 Mum & dad brought back hongkong noodle for supper. yea!

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