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Back from earth.. to mars?

Had some fun here & there with my new powershot digi-cam & hey! *SHOOTS* a new moblog pic too.. well, I guess its time I updated it too… Today is very much a day spent at home, resting, helping out mum with some chores, doing little webcoding, gaming, working out & my favorite, slacking. A typical sunday, family day. But *sighs*I just can’t wait for the time when I wake up on sunday morning without having the dreaded thoughts of booking into camp that very night, very demoralising at times.

The problem with the army is that it takes out too much of our “youthful times” into doing things we have to force (& bluff) ourselves to like. We are supposed to be free & wild creatures, why the isolation? umm… with the exception of average pay, well too, I can’t really say life there suxs, it do have its ups & downs… But most importantly, the army is a place & job not much of a comparative advantage for me – I can do better elsewhere, fullfilling my wants & interests, therefore my remark.

Mmm, can’t stop playing, Outkast- Roses on winamp today, the songs drilled in my head, argh Kylie! why can’t you get this outta my head!


  1. Loh, but to get 8-5 job most prob need downgrade to office side work loh. But those combat fit 8-5 ppl are the most lucky ones… Know a few “combat ready admin” officiers & specs, not to mention some webmasters who get 8-5, optional stayin, free internet, aircon office, got long lunch break 11.30am-1.30pm, 3pm tea break & 5.30 long dinner than go home. Thats the life man! 😉


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