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Fly by computers!

And well, here am I back from a hard week of work. 😉

I guess some achievements worth mentioning is my 2, 2 hour computers within the period of one month. Firstly with John’s $1500 computer which is up & running, allowing him to play Doom 3 & stuffs. Secondly is Adrain’s 2 hour $1000 computer all built with OS installed in record time, all up & running.. well after dropping by his house after book out to get it assembled today. Both are a basic P42.8GhzE comps with 513MB DDR400 ram, 80GB HD, reasonably feature loaded mobo, DVD-writer & 128MB radeon/nvidia graphics card. As a token of appreciation for the time spent, he even donated me his old PII 400Mhz. *grins* Now I’ve got an extra 32x CD-Rom drive, a PII 400Mhz processor with mobo, 2xbrandless PCI soundcards, a S3 virge 1MB video card, a 200W PSU & a HD of unknown capacity yet. Whee perfect parts for my upcoming family home theater PC, just love bringing life back into old condemned parts… Though they won’t fetch much in cash but maybe, I would try selling some of these stuffs off yahoo or ebay, or sell them to the SimLim cash converters some some pocket money. :mrgreen:

Would be visiting granny’s & going out for dinner around the Eastcoast-Parkway area before calling it a saturday. Would be catching Alien vs Predator the movie with some friends for a lunch outing tomorrow afternoon, hope they get tickets already, cos its gonna be crowded! 🙂

Also, do feel free to check out my final Army Open House flash animation in the galleries too.


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