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HalfLife 2, smells like boo-boo!

With Doom 3 taking the limelight now, lets not forget about Half-Life 2 man. Noticeably with the lip-syncing software which allows characters in the game to move their lips & talk realistically by just typing in the conversation as text into the speech maker software! Its so good that some mute & deaf organisations in the states are actually looking into it to aid the disabled. Cool!

And heres a 5.57MB video of the auto lip-syncing software at work, featuring the mysterious HL guy & pals singing OutKast’s roses, smells like boo-boo!


  1. Strangely though, I wasn’t very excited when Doom3 was released, just some old souped up game with the same storyline. Halflife 2 on the other hand tends to be more promising with not only a new storyline, reputable visuals, but with counter-strike 2.0 & Team fortress 2.0 too…

    Can’t wait for ’em :mrgreen:

  2. I guess many ppl will be confused between CS-source and CS 2.0. Though CS-source may look like a whole new CS, but its old cs1.6v running on the new HL2 engine right? Good thing both CS-S & TFC2 would be shipping together with HL2 according to press releases… Whee!


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