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iSteaks Premium steaks

iSteaks  is a casual fast dining restaurant serving a selection of western grille with a specialisation in beef steaks, especially premium steaks. This write-up came over the course of multiple dine-in experiences, I have had the opportunity to observe and appreciate the nuances that define this casual fast-dining establishment since we first visited them when they first opened many years back.

The spread here at iSteaks
The spread here at iSteaks. Let’s take a dine-in!

iSteaks Premium steaks has a specialization in beef steaks and an array of Western grills. Since then iSteaks has become a prominent player in Singapore’s dining scene. Let’s take a dine in.

You might remember our first encounter with iSteaks at their inaugural branch in myVillage, nestled within the serene enclave of Serangoon Gardens. Furthermore, since that initial visit, the brand has expanded its footprint and branches. They had ventured beyond the confines of upscale neighborhoods and setting up shop in prominent heartland locations such as Suntec City, JEM, and Tampines One Mall. This strategic expansion has allowed them to cater to a wider demographic of patrons.

iSteaks storefront at Suntec city.
iSteaks storefront at Suntec city.

Go for their grass fed steaks

Talking about their beef selections, it’s best to avoid their mainstream steaks. These dishes, often prepared from frozen meat, left much to be desired in terms of texture and flavour.

Steaks done well at at good value.
Steaks done well at at good value.

Instead, go for their Pasture fed and Grain fed selections. The true gems lie in their Australian grass-fed selections. These cuts come at a slightly higher price point, starting upwards from $30 per plate. However, the extra cost is more than justified by the remarkable quality and taste.

300g of steak
300g of steak with mac and cheese sides.

Moreover, iSteaks presents a compelling array of beef selections, allowing you to choose between Pasture-fed and Grain-fed options. The preparation methods are equally intriguing, with the choice between Thin-cut char-grilled for a succulent, smoky profile, and Thick-cut steakhouse char for a caramelized umami experience.

Strip lion steak
Strip lion steak, one of the more affordable choices on their menu, though the cut may be tad too thin to enjoy.

iSteaks’ grass-fed selections gets a recommendation. This tantalizing assortment spans favorite cuts like Sirloin, Tenderloin, and Ribeye. The price range, though slightly higher, is well justified by the quality on offer. These steaks, prepared medium-rare, exhibit tenderness and are expertly marinated with an array of spices. The exterior boasts a delectable dark brown sear, while the interior maintains a tender, blood-red core, tender to the cuts with their provided steak knives.

Go for the thick cuts

Also, opting for the thick-cut approach guarantees a tantalizingly reddish core, a perfect canvas when ordering medium-rare done-ness. Choosing thick cuts for your steaks is a great way to enjoy this. This ensures a nicely reddish core, especially when done medium rare, creating a harmonious flavor profile. Their Tenderlion steaks with thick cuts is a good combination.

Thick cut steaks done medium-rare.
Thick cut steaks done medium-rare and are juicy and cooked well for the price offerings.

Moreover, the steak does not exhibit the texture and resistance typically seen on cooked-from-frozen steaks. When it comes to steaks, I would put iSteaks offerings ahead of Jack several mainstream steak houses like Jacks place, Astons specialties and Collins restaurants, but still priced far more affordably than Rubicon steakhouse, known for their wagyu steaks. Also, the thing which stands out for me at iSteaks is the offering of grass-fed Australian steaks.

There is quite the selection of value steaks

Furthermore, iSteaks Premium steaks choice cuts are sourced from Bass Strait, Australia, elevate the dining experience. The portion sizes of recommended steaks range from a satisfying 200g to 350g, ensuring a hearty meal that satiates even the most voracious steak-goer appetites.

Sides of broccoli and mash
Sirloin with sides of broccoli and mash potatoes ($34.50).

Among the standout options, I found their New Zealand Silver Fern stands out as a well-balanced choice in terms of cost and weight. The 350g quality steak priced at $34.50 is a remarkable deal for the hungry epicurean. While prices for other cuts can go up to $40 for 350g of Striploin and Ribeye, and even $50 for their more premium Tenderloin cuts.

Also, the pasture-fed steaks priced between $25 to $30 offer exceptional value. Even the 200g to 250g range for Ribeye and Striploin, priced at $26 to $29.50, caters perfectly to Asian appetites. Also, for group dining, the option of an 800g Steakhouse Porterhouse (Bass Strait) at a slightly discounted $103 provides a no-frills option to feed a larger group.

To complete the meal, each main here at iSteaks provides a choice of two accompanying sides. Among the recommendations, the baked potato stands out for its hearty yet healthy nature, contributing to a well-rounded dining experience. This side choice reminisces the days of Jack’s Place, with its signature jacket potatoes, typically served on hotplates and jacket potatoes being their signature trademark. Other nice iSteaks sides to try includes their baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, chopped greens and cream broccoli.

Not just steaks

Chicken steak with mac and cheese
Chicken steak with mac and cheese ($16).

Moreover, iSteaks’ menu extends beyond the realm of premium steaks. Their menu caters to various preferences. This encompasses chicken, fish, and burgers, as well as a selection of pasta such as Italian carbonara, crabmeat and spicy tomato sauce and aglio pasta. I won’t go too much detail into their regular staple dishes as we covered this in our previous visit.
Also, their menu options are pretty much the run of the mill western eatery with choices of chicken, fish and burgers. Still their menu options are affordable, in the likes of offerings in the likes of Collins and from Astons steak and grill.

Marinated spiced chicken steak
Marinated spiced chicken steak with jacket potatoes ($16).

Additionally, Chicken steak lovers will find delight in their char-grilled chicken fillet, this western staple you can’t go wrong with is priced between $15 to $16. Also, other seafood offerings include Salmon fillets at $25 for 200g and Seared Dory Fillet at $18.50. The pork section caters to a more premium palate, starting from $20.5 for Collar and reaching up to $32.5 for the T-bone.

In addition, iSteaks boasts a selection of burgers, akin to their subsidiary brand, Simple Burgers. It is worthy to note that the Simple burgers brand is also owned and operated by the same group ISteaks belongs to.

Burgers which takes a help or two from the adjacent Simple burgers restaurant.

Also, this two-restaurant chains sharing a similar parent is synonymous and similar to the relationship between Astons and Chic-a-boo, with a main chain operating similar side brands. Also, it is no uncommon to see a simple burger next to an iSteaks restaurant, like what we saw at Serangoon Gardens as well as Suntec city here. This affiliation does showcases the brand’s diverse culinary portfolio.

Salad sides
Bar Area

Wrapping up

The ambiance of iSteaks’ restaurants is typically laid-back and inviting, making them suitable for group gatherings. However, so expect to wait quite abut during peak dinner periods in for larger groups of 4 and beyond, while tables of 1-2 are usually seated ahead of larger groups.

Restaurant interior
Restaurant interior with contemporary styling.

A notable aspect that raised some eyebrows was iSteaks’ policy of charging 50 cents for water, with unlimited refills. While this might be seen as a penny-pinching cost measure, many diners anticipate complimentary tap water even when it is already included in the price of the food. This is especially considering the presence of alcoholic beverages on the menu. This seemingly minor detail does diminish the overall dining experience, potentially encouraging patrons to opt for pricier drinks or alcohol from the restaurant’s bar.

All in all, my exploration of iSteaks’ premium steak offerings left a lasting impression. The establishment’s ability to provide an array of high-quality steaks without exorbitant pricing is indeed commendable. From their indulgent grass-fed selections to the cozy ambiance, iSteaks presents a culinary journey that is sure to delight steak enthusiasts and casual diners alike.


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iSteaks Makan Place Locality Map

iSteaks Premium steaks (various branches)
Suntec City
3 Temasek Blvd, #02-472/473,
Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: 11 am- 10 pm daily


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