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iSteaks at myVillage Serangoon Gardens

Conspicuously tucked on the second floor of the myVillage mall in Serangoon Gardens is a little gem of an eating place. It is your typical fast-food style eatery with free cafeteria-like seating where you place your order and make payment first at the counter before being served. iSteaks pride themselves into serving good quality beef (their specialty) at a good price to beat. Their menu includes an assortment of burgers and steaks. You have a choice of beef, pork, fish or chicken burgers, all under $9, a very good price and are served on the plate with a serving of fries.

A typical steak-type main course comprising a regular Rib-eye or Strip-lion will set you back around $20. This is typical for a dine in restaurant to the likes of competitors like say Astons. However, it is more expensive to the sub $12 steak meals offered at say, Collins coffee shops.

Ok-ish steaks

The steaks are all flame grilled, the quality of the meat is questionable for the price segment. However, I was disappointed about the meats tend to be a tad one level too overdone. Hence, it be good to order at least one level lower from your preferred done-ness. Also, the edges of the steaks are too dry for my liking, but otherwise still retains it’s juicy center.

Welcome to iSteaks
The Horde
The Juicy center

Their poultry steak selections are all priced under $10. However, their pricier fish dishes starts at $10-18, where the price really start to escalate. Soups are chargeable extras, where you can get it at $3.50 as a meal, or top up $2.50 with a main course. The place does not serve water, nor provide cups for water. At times, you feel that the place is trying to rip you by off by forcing you to pay for overpriced soft drinks. This coldness of the environment dilutes the dining experience.

Premium cuts

Premium choices on the menu such as Wagyu beef and Tenderlion steaks will set you back about twice the usual pricing from $40 to $85. This is where iSteaks hopes to distinguishes itself from their cheaper competitors. All main courses comes with 2 compliments, such as salads (gets a bit old at the end of the day), or an assortment of pasta (their mac and cheese is good), though their portions could be bigger.

People speak of iSteaks being rather popular and having long queues on the weekends during mealtimes. I reckon that the main allure of the place besides the comfort of air conditioned ambience is reasonably priced food in an affluent neighborhood.

iSteaks is already competing in a very crowded segment of affordable western grills. Without doubt, where there are already more viable, more tasty and cheaper alternatives out of the Serangoon area. I find it difficult to find a unique selling preposition for this eatery or recommend the place unless the quality of the Steaks served can be improved.

iSteaks myVillage Serangoon Gardens
myVillage, 1 Maju Avenue
Singapore 556679

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