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Astons Specialties Western Grill Restaurants

Astons is a chain of western food restaurants serving quality casual food at an affordable price. You can typically find their restaurants in malls in the city, as well as heartland malls. They run a variety of restaurant franchises all over Singapore. Lets check out what Astons Specialties Western Grill Restaurants have to offer.

Moreover, their restaurant line-up starts with the more prevalent but affordable Astons specialists outlets which I shall cover here today. Also, the restaurants serves only al-la carte dishes and have similar menu range as the franchise’s other range of outlets which goes by ANDES by Astons name. Additionally, the more expensive, but arguably more value for money chain in the Astons line is Astons’s Steak and Salad. Here, they offers similar al-la carte dishes with an accompanying salad buffet, but at a higher starting price per dish.

Furthermore, there are a large selection of Astons branches all over Singapore. Noticeable ones includes City Square mall and Central mall at Clark Quay, where you can always see long queues. But waits are usually under 15 minutes, even on peak weekends. Tables are cleared quickly by staff who are quick to usher in customers, especially during peak periods.

Also, you can recognize the outlets by their distinct western style bricks walls. Hence, this gives the restaurant a rather rodeo rustic western feel. Additionally, this is accentuated through a combination of barn wall props. To date, there are about 19 such Aston outlets, with most situated in the city, under the same brand to suit all price and customer needs.

You can mostly find all Astons branches in air-conditioned shopping malls as a standalone restaurant (e.g. Changi village). Moreover, seating is restaurant style which individual seating tables and counters. Hence, they are good for small groups of 2 to 4, though large groups can be accommodated with joining of tables.

What’s on the menu?

On menu choices you have the usual vanilla grill selections you expect from a western grill, no more, no less. The arsenal includes Chicken, Beef steaks, Lamb and Fish choices. Additionally, the restaurant is Halal-certified, hence there are no pork dishes. Also, there are a selection of burgers, salads, as well as pasta, though they are not as sought after as their grill menu items.

Steaks mixed grille with sausages, garden salad and onion rings
Steaks mixed grille with sausages, garden salad and onion rings.

You have to decide and select your main courses and payment before being seated. Hence, it is not uncommon for patrons seen welding menu cards deciding on their orders in-queue before being attended to. Thereafter, you will be directed to your seats after payment where you dishes are promptly served right to your table. Generally, beef and mixed grill dishes generally take longer to arrive.

Breaded chicken culet with fries and garden salad
Breaded chicken culet with fries and garden salad.

Each main course comes served with a selection of two sides of your choosing when placing your order. These comprises of a selection of hot or cold sides. The hot sides comprises mainly of potato-based or vegetable sides. Staples range from mash potatoes, Macaroni and cheese (a recommendation) as well as your usual selection of fries or beans. For greens, you have colesaw or house salads. I recommend the country vegetables comprising of a broccoli vegetable mix.

Good quality for the price

Price-wise, their dishes do cost on average more than Collins grill. Collins is the next big western franchise in Singapore and one of the main competitors to Astons. However, despite the above average restaurant setting, Astons is also pretty budget-friendly for the offerings.

Note-worthily, the pricing of their food range from $15 SGD for a burger or chicken chop dish (inclusive of sides) to under $24-30 for more premium choosing such as lamb chops or Tenderlion beef steaks. A Prime Sirloin with 2 sides costs a fair $15.90. Also, almost all their dishes seldom exceed $30 except for their premium selection cuts, which you do expect to pay more for.

Grilled chicken leg with country vegetable and mashed potatoes
Grilled chicken leg with country vegetable and mashed potatoes.

A favorite will be their highly affordable Grillworks chicken all priced under $11 with a variety of 7 different sauces. This range from black pepper to lemon lime, teriyaki and even hickory BBQ. A recommendation will be their Hickory BBQ Chicken at $9.90. A way of cooking to your preference. Their pasta offerings are all under the $11 mark too.

What surprises me is that the food price to quality. On my visits across Aston branches in the city and heartland malls, I found my main courses like beef steak I ordered has a premium feel and is well cooked to your specifications. They are consistently prepared to the most one-level of done-ness from my desired ordered preference. Some higher-end restaurants, (or even hotels) even can’t get this right. It paints good communication from the orders downstream to the kitchen. This is commendable by Singapore restaurant standards in this price segment.

Their more premium steak, medium-rare done with country vegetable sand garden salad
Their more premium steak, medium-rare done with country vegetable sand garden salad.

All in all, despite being the less-premium casual dining western dining outlet of the Astons brand, Astons surprisingly offers good value for money. It gets my thumbs up as one of the best go-to western dining places in malls.

Astons Specialties Western Grill Restaurants
At various locations around Singapore.
Check their website for full franchise list around Singapore.
Astons Specialties typical opens daily: 11:30am – 10pm



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