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Seasonal Tastes Westin Hotel Singapore, Asia Square

Let’s check out Westin seasonal tastes today with a buffet dine-in. The establishment is tucked on the upper top floor of Asia square tower. Well, one of the two towers at least. The restaurant serves an international selection in a buffet setting which offers great views of the Marina bay.

Welcome to Seasonal Tastes Westin at Asia Towers
Welcome to Seasonal Tastes Westin at Asia Towers.

A tale of two towers

On getting there, do note that entry to the restaurant is via a dedicated entrance for the hotel. Though the Westin shares the same tower 2 in Asia towers, entry to the hotel and restaurant is separate from that of the two Asia square tower office entrances. Notably, Westin’s own entrance is at the extreme corner of the building from the front car drop off point.

The posh-looking bar and longue on the tower's 32nd floor
The posh-looking bar and longue on the tower’s 32nd floor.

Greeting you at the entrance on the 32nd floor of Asia square tower 2 is a rather posh-looking bar and lounge. It is also the hotel’s second lobby and longue area by the lift lobby. Furthermore, it is a pretty nice place to chill out here with drinks and comfy sofas. Also, it offers panoramic ceiling to floor glass windows of the marina south area.

Lounge in day
The sky bar
Marina bay views

Moreover, notable landmarks viewable up here include the Marina One building with it expansive inner core. You can see it from the Westin as well as the Marina international cruise center, Tanjong Pagar container port and the Marine coastal expressway. A partial view of the Marina bay and Sands are also visible.

Tanjong Pagar container port and the marine coastal expressway viewable from the restaurant
Tanjong Pagar container port and the marine coastal expressway viewable from the restaurant.

A buffet in the business district

Back to the buffet. The buffet on offer here by Westin is an international one. It comprises of selections of western grill, Asian cooked food and noodles, Indian, Italian pasta, as well as a Japanese sushi and fresh seafood corner. Topping it up is an extensive desert island, a salad and bread bar. The buffet spread is rather comprehensive indeed.

 Seasonal Tastes Westin buffet spread
Seasonal Tastes main buffet counters.

Moreover, food selections here are laid out in a logical fashion. Self-serve food counter reside on the inner side of the restaurant. The outer areas are seating areas offers the panoramic views of the marina bay area.

By the entrance of the restaurant sits a massive wine rack and a salad bar where you can mix it up with the bowl selections here. Interestingly, there is also a bread oven here where you can help yourself too to a choice of fresh bread, cutting board and bread knife included.

Bread oven!
Salad bar selections
Got cheese?

The main buffet area starts with a salad and bread section by the entrance. Followed by the ice bed for the seafood section. Moreover, Sushi and fresh seafood makes up the seafood selection. Choices are not extensive, but effective and to the point.

Seafood and Sushi, curated but small

For seafood, you get a curated selection the best cuts of crab- large claws, as well as mini lobster crayfish, mussels and cooked fresh prawns.

Free flow of crab claws anyone?
Free flow of crab claws anyone?

The choices are generally good and even rivalling those offered by Beach Road kitchen, though Beach road does offers fresh oysters, which the Westin does not. Seafood is also promptly replenished and are fresh.

The lobster crayfish selections are quite extensive, not to mention rather fresh too
The lobster crayfish selections are quite extensive, not to mention rather fresh too.

Also, the Sushi section offers a platters of salmon sashimi and a selection of sushi and maki items. Also, thankfully, the sushi is replenished really often and is not bad in quality. A gripe is the lack of Sashimi Tuna though.

Sushi selections
Got Salmon?
One roast coming up!

Try their great roast meats

Notably, the thing to go for here are their roasts. You have a choice of roasted ham, served with greens and beef medium done. The meats are juicy and paired well with their sauces. You can choose to have a pre-cut piece or one freshly cut to your liking by the counter staff. They go well with the roasted potatoes and if you fancy, brussel sprouts.

Their grilled roast are pretty good and one of the major highlights of the buffet
Their grilled roast are pretty good and are one of the major highlights of the buffet.

Furthermore, despite the good quality of meats and variety here at Westin, they quite can’t beat the roast quality offered at the Carvery in Alexandra, which have more attention to taste and a larger selection of sauces and even pork knuckles on the menu.

Ham looks great!
Roast Duck stand
pretty good meat & sauces

However, to make up for this, Westin offers additional choices roast chicken and duck. They are paired well with accompanying sauces on the side or as chicken rice, local delight.

The ham selection are very hearty and you can grab any serving type to your delight
The ham selection are very hearty and you can grab any serving type to your delight.

Underwhelming Asian selection

Moreover, there is a small Asian cooked food section comprising of stewed vegetables, deep fried fish dishes, a small Dim sum selection and chilli crab. It is a pretty minor section. Additionally, you have a choice of clear fish ball noodles or laska noodles.

Asian noodles soup
Fish ball noodles
Pasta corner

Interestingly, usually in most buffets, you only get a choice of on-demand freshly cooked pasta or noodles, seldom both. A chef will prepare your pasta or noodles to your noodle and ingredient preferences. Also, the soup section also resides here by the noodle section, but there are no other Italian choices like Pizza or lasagna.

Notably, the Indian food section was the most underwhelming of the bunch. There is a small biryani rice pot and a tiny selection of curries and lentil. However, there are no roti prate as found on at our visit to the Line or Asian market café.

Small Indian section
Got Lenti?
Cooked pasta

Additionally, an area probably much unnoticed here is a small drinks section. Here you find a couple of glass dispenser receptacles with labelled drinks within. I was surprised you can find freshly made iced lemon tea, on top of usual soda options, like coke and sprite.

Extensive dessert selections

In addition, Seasonal Taste’s desserts are one of the most impressive parts of the buffet. The section is large enough to warrant itself an island dedicated to dessert selections of cakes, quay, dessert cups, ice cream and fruits.

The strawberry fondue at the dessert island, with a selection of fruits to go with it
The strawberry fondue at the dessert island, with a selection of fruits to go with it.

Additionally, there is a mix of western and local dessert offerings. Selections starts from a tall strawberry fondue sits by the fruit platters, to platter-full of quay lapis. Also, ice cream sections are scooped courtesy of staff behind the counter.

Ice cream are good!
Dessert cups
Quay lapis platters

Relatively limited selection for the price

Moreover, a buffet is not exactly cheap. Notably, it can cost upwards of $98++ per person on weekends, not including 10% service charge and 7% GST. Hence, this puts Seasonal Tastes up on the price table against the likes of Shangri-la’s Line and Marina Bay Sand’s Rise. The competition actually offers a far larger food selection, with a more extensive drink bar offerings, European and Asian selections. Though Seasonal Tastes food quality is great, I find it quite expensive for the smaller variety, especially for the lack of fresh Oysters and Tuna Sashimi, even on the more expensive peak weekend dine-in.

The general dining areas in the restaurant
The general dining areas in the restaurant.

Dine only with 1-1 deals

Notably, Seasonal Tastes Westin do regularly run partnership promotions with banks offering pretty good 1 for 1 deals for their dinner or lunch buffets. Also, the banks can pretty aggressive with deals here at Seasonal tastes. So far I had seen UOB, OCBC and DBS having offers with the restaurant to date on my dining experience here. Throw in a 1-1 or 50% offer and you can see yourself seeing it hovering at about $58 per person. Now that is really good value I would strongly recommend. Moreover, some banks do accept debit cards to qualify for the 1-1 deal.

The buffet lunch selection with a smaller seafood section merged with the Sushi counter
The buffet lunch selection with a smaller seafood section merged with the Sushi counter.

Also, I am also pleased to report that food quality from my multiple visits are largely consistent. Service is great too. However, do note that the lunch food spread are not as extensive as what you typically get on dinner buffet here. Nonetheless, it pays to check for deals to stretch your dollar further.

All in all, I enjoyed myself each time I dined here at Seasonal Tastes Westin. However, their offerings are tad a jack of all trades, with none of the cuisines greatly standing out, especially their lackluster Asian food variety. But I would recommend the restaurant for their great selection of roasts, commendable consistency for quality, and an extensive dessert section to boot. Everything else, and at a rather pricey entry price point, I would call the dining experience tad like a “expensive sampler”.


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Seasonal Tastes Westin Locality Map

12 Marina Square View
The Westin Hotel Singapore,
Level 32, Asia Square Tower 2
Singapore 018961
Opens daily: 6:30am – 10:00pm




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