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Colony Ritz Carlton Buffet

Dining at the Colony restaurant Buffet at Ritz Carlton Millenia in Singapore is an exquisite experience that tantalizes the senses with its diverse cuisines, elegant ambience, and impeccable service. Situated along 7 Raffles Ave, just opposite the Singapore floating platform, the restaurant beckons visitors with its grandeur and allure.

The colony glasshouse

Upon entering, the Colony restaurant captivates with its architectural marvel, formerly known as the Greenhouse, name derived from the large clear glass house which the restaurant sits in. It features a large glass house that bathes the interior in natural light during the day. The glass house’s apex boasts glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly, including the iconic Rotunda Chandelier, reminiscent of the artistry witnessed at the V&A in London.

The greenhouse interior
Welcome to the greenhouse interior and Colony Buffet at Ritz-Carlton.

The Buffet Spread and Selections

The selections at Colony is an international one, it offers a curated mix of a select selections all under one roof distributed over several sections across several buffet sections. It does take quite a fair bit of exploring. Seven open kitchens serve up local, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Western dishes. The offerings span breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea, promising something for every palate.

The cosy bread corner.
The cosy bread corner at the Asian food sector.

The buffet’s international selection is vast, distributed across various sections. The Ice Bar tempts with fresh seafood, including oysters, prawns, crabs, and lobsters. The Grill and Rotisserie present succulent roasted meats like duck, chicken, pork, and lamb, alongside Western delights such as pasta and pizza. The Asian selections at Steam Basket, Wok, and Tandoor offer fresh ingredients and authentic flavours.

Open seating areas
Seafood platter selections
Clams and squid

Snowcrab seafood staple

Furthermore, Colony’s seafood section stands out with an impressive array of snow crab, mussels, clams, and snails. The long snow crab is of course the highlight here which patrons couldn’t get enough of. The shells are easy to open too, with a simple twist at the end allow you to pull out a whole chink of crab fresh at a go. It’s tad a joy and highlight on the buffet’s quality offerings.

The seafood platter is one the highlight offerings.
The seafood platter is one the highlight offerings.

Moreover, the seafood is fresh, as you would expect from a five-star hotel. Notably, for their lunch offerings, the free flow of snow crab is a welcome though I noticed fresh oysters were not offered.

Quality fresh Snowcrab, a highlight offering here.
Quality fresh Snowcrab, a highlight offering here.
Sushi selection counter.
Sushi selection counter with a sizable variety.

Also, the Japanese sushi and sashimi section is no slouch either, here you have a full selection of fresh octopus, salmon and tuna as well.

Sashimi selections are fresh with essential staples.
Sashimi selections are fresh with essential staples.
Chefs preparing sushi
Japanese food counter
Fresh Sashimi

Large Asian selections

Colony does know the tastes of their customers, with Asian offerings being one of the largest here. Asian offerings take center stage is their dim sum corner offering a selection of dim sum, such as har gow, siew mai, and char siew bao.

Chinese wok-fried selections.
Chinese wok-fried selections and a staple offering in the buffet.
Dim sum selections
Fried wok hey selections
Fusion affair

Additionally, the mainstay Asian section offers a mix of Wok’s staple stir-fried dishes, where you can see the chefs preparing behind glass. I recommend their grilled fish as well as their fried rice and Hokkien mee dishes if you are hungry.

Indian selections
Curries selection

Also, the Indian section offers a range of authentic Indian naan, tandoori chicken, and curry. Their tandoori chicken is one to try here, marinated in yogurt and spices, and cooked in a clay oven, resulting in moist and tender meat.

Pita and prata breads.
Roast chicken, duck and char siew
Roast and Asian

The roast and noodle stand in the Asian section offers delectable options like white chicken, roasted char siew, and duck. You can have them by itself or with accompanying chicken rice too.

The roast counter serving quality chicken, duck and char siew.
The roast counter serving quality chicken, duck and char siew.

Also, the ingredients are fresh, the dishes are well-prepared, and the flavours are authentic. The crispy pork belly, which is tender, juicy, and crunchy, and served with mustard and apple sauce.

Roast and European

The roast section is pretty seasonal and pretty much revolves about the offerings to the festive period. Hence, do expect turkey roast and ham on thanksgiving giving and Christmas, while typical days, you can find beef roast on the menu.

Chefs preparing your roast slice
Chefs preparing your roast slice
Turkey and Ham
Cheese and ham corner
Fruit counter

While you can typically get roast beef too to go, hand-sliced by a counter chef and best paired with the sides of berry jam and brown sauce. Hence, do expect turkey roast and ham on thanksgiving giving and Christmas, while typical days, you can find beef roast on the menu.

Fresh pasta and noodles cooked on demand

Pasta made to order.
Pasta made to order.

Additionally, the pasta section beside it offers a customised mix of pasta dishes cooked in a variety of styles, I would recommend Risotto given a rare offering, with the Crab Aglio Olio as a runner up for something more pasta-familiar.

Pasta selections and Ravioli.
Pasta selections and Ravioli.
Crab Aglio Olio
Taco and chips
Taco counter

Notable mentions include the delightful noodle sections serving Laksa and prawn noodles, showcasing the chef’s skills in preparing these Asian favourites.

Chef noodle counter
Chef noodle counter with selection of 3 noodle dishes freshly prepared.

Their laksa, which is spicy, creamy, and flavourful, and topped with large prawns, fish cake, and bean sprouts. If you desire something more soupy, their Beef Pho or Nayang prawn noodles with large prawns are good alternatives.

The prawn noodles is rich with premium ingredients.
The prawn noodles is rich with premium ingredients.

Desserts and cakes

Finally, you can wrap up your meal with desserts from the Patisserie and Fruit stands, with watermelon, pineapple, and dragon fruit to choose from. Also, the Patisserie is one for those with sweet tooth- an array of cakes, pastries, and chocolates, such as cheesecake, tiramisu, and macarons.

Cakes and desserts counter in the dessert corner.
Cakes and desserts counter in the dessert corner.

A dedicated Peranakan dessert section with a selection of Nonya cakes all laid out in a multiple storey display unit. Dessert enthusiasts will find joy at a cake and mousse dessert stand with a chocolate fondue. Also, freshly made waffles and crepes are available too. The dessert selection is pretty sizeable and comparable to the delightful dessert stand at the South beach. There are 6 flavours of ice cream too, provided for hand-scooped by the dessert staff at hand for a sweet finale.

Dessert counters
Dessert counters with a Perankan flair.

Also, the bread and Asian food section tucked in a cozy corner room which also houses the noodle, pasta and Indian food sections. Other miscellaneous selections include Mediterranean salad corner with offering so greens, nuts and raisins which you can pair with a platter of bread sides as well as cheese.

Bread counter selections.
Bread counter selections.

Also, I find the offerings comparable to that we had at the Edge buffet at Pan Pacific hotel sometime back, though Colony is focused more on quality, than quality. Your buffet does come with Tea or coffee is served at the end of your buffet too. If you ordered tea. Interestingly, your tea is served in a tea pot when you choose the tea option.

Waffles and Crepes
Ice cream selections
Salad corner

It is good enough for 2-3 refills. For drinks, I recommend their mixed blended punch you can find near the Asian roast counter.

Nonya selections
Strawberry slush drink
Tea served by the jug

Price and Quality

The dining ambience at Colony exudes elegance and coziness. Inspired by the colonial era, vintage maps, photographs, and artifacts adorn the spacious and bright restaurant. Large windows offer a picturesque view of the Marina Bay area. The attentive and friendly staff, dressed in smart attire, ensure a premium dining experience.

Seating options range from large tables for small groups to private booth seating for a more intimate experience. Additionally, the dining hall has a luxurious vibe, complemented by the smartly dressed chefs behind the food counters. The setting is perfect for various occasions, be it a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, or a family celebration. Also, the restaurant interior seating is well-spaced apart and comfortable. The restaurant also has a bakery, a bar, and several private dining rooms for special occasions.

Service at Colony is prompt and efficient, with plates cleared swiftly. The restaurant’s location at the Ritz Carlton Singapore, near the Promenade MRT station and attractions like Gardens by the Bay, makes it easily accessible.

Reservations are essential

Lastly, do note that reservations required. Do note that the place is often fully booked so reservations are essential to get a place here. They can get booked out especially on peak periods typically few weeks in advance.

Pricing at Colony varies based on mealtime. Weekday and Saturday lunch buffets cost S$74 per adult, offering good value for the quality and variety of offerings. This totals up to about $100 per head service and GST all-inclusive, which is pretty good value for the offerings, considering that other similarly priced buffets like Line at Shangri-la have same asking prices, but with much lower quality selections.

Welcome to the Colony Buffet at Ritz-Carlton
That wraps up our visit of the Colony Buffet at Ritz-Carlton.

The Sunday to Thursday dinner buffet costs $92 per adult, while Friday and Saturday dinner buffet costs more at $108 (About $130 plus service and tax).

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the Colony restaurant Buffet at Ritz Carlton Millenia in Singapore offers a delightful culinary journey, blending diverse cuisines, a captivating ambience, and exceptional service. Reservations are essential, given the popularity of this dining haven, and visitors can expect an unforgettable experience celebrating the rich culinary heritage of Singapore.


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