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Amara Hotel Element Buffet

Amara Hotel Element Buffet is a little gem of a buffet joint located on the outskirts of the central business district in the Tanjong Pagar neighborhood. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel beside the 100am mall. You might remember 100am mall being the mall with Singapore’s sister Don Don Donki branch which opened last year.

Welcome to Amara Hotel Element Buffet
Welcome to Amara Hotel Element Buffet.

The buffet itself has food counters lined which runs alongside the entire length of the restaurant. On offer are a a pretty nice curated selection of international dishes. Here are some food recommendations from the buffet.

Great Fresh Sashimi

Element does spot a rather impressive sushi section. What blew me away was free flow of premium items such as salmon, tuna and even octopus tentacles. Additionally, quality is very good too and you get fresh cuts of the day. The octopus are chewy and succulent. The tuna are not of the premium fatty quality which melts in your mouth, but still great in comparison to traditional international buffets.

Element does offer an impressive Sashimi and Sushi section
Element does offer an impressive Sashimi and Sushi section.

Moreover, these are served by a Sushi chef behind a counter. The servings are also generous and I was surprise they did not hold back on the triple sashimi portions I asked on my dine-in.

Great seafood

Furthermore, another great section is their seafood. If you are a crustacean delicacy lover, you are in luck. Here, you can help yourself to heaps of mini crayfish lobsters, as well as clams, oysters, mussels, Alaskan King Crabs, and crab claws. It is a really neat and extensive combination.

Check out the mini lobsters, clams, oysters, mussels, Alaskan King Crabs
Check out the mini lobsters, clams, oysters, mussels, Alaskan King Crabs!

In addition to the seafood offerings area small curated section of roasts, and local delicacies such as Indian Satay, Asian cooked food dishes spanning about 6 different variety served on hot pots.

Notable dishes includes Crispy Roasted Chicken with Meat Floss, Smoked Paprika Chicken Casserole and Baked Salmon with Salt. Also, there is a small Dim Sum corner serving buns and Siew Mais, as well as a small self-help bread counter.

amara-hotel-element-buffet 04
amara-hotel-element-buffet 05
amara-hotel-element-buffet 03
Soft shell crab

Moreover, a recommendation here will be their soft shell crab dish, cooked in a tempura-style batter, as well as their pasta selections, where a kitchen staff on-hand shall prepare your dish on-order. Staff are generally attentive at the counters as well as promptly clearing your dishes at the table.

The buffet salad and dessert sections
The buffet salad and dessert sections.

Lastly, topping up the selection is a fruit and dessert section comprising of Salads and ice cream. A good way to wrap up your filling dinner, also with a cup of coffee or tea.

Also, priced at up to $75 per head, this puts Amara hotel at a medium to high price point similar to that offered by Cafe Swiss (Clove) as well as the Asian Market Cafe. Reservations are free.

Check for great discounts

Additionally, do check out bank offers before dining, as you can snag some pretty good discounts. Element is also known to regularly offer credit card and partner promotional tie-in where you can get 50% off every 2nd diner for dinner buffets or 1-for-1 for their off-peak weekday lunch buffets. So far I had seen tie-down offers with local banks DBS, UOB and OCBC, though the nature of the offer might differ.

All in all, Element does offer a rather quality and compelling lineup worth y of a recommendation which is not too hard on the wallet. The spread may not be the largest, but it is is probably one of the few nicely curated ones with a great Sashimi and Seafood section. This,  coupled with potential regular bank discounts does make Amara Hotel Element Buffet offerings one of the few in the city.


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Amara Singapore
165 Tanjong Pagar Rd,
Singapore 088539
Opening Hours: 6:30–10:30am, 12–2:30pm, 6:30–10pm


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