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New Video and Portfolio Section up

Site Updates As part of my planned holiday chores, spent time over the last few days revamping and fixing up parts of the site. The videos page now has the videos streamed from youtube and google video, so no hassles to download them for viewing anymore, freeing up alot of server space for the site as well. Did some miscellaneous...

Site enhancements, Training now

Been up installing quite a few new plugins for wordpress, namely a blog category search cloud and blog "Reads" counter, which you can see on the details of every post, most counts are all 0 for a start so it's quite dinky lol. Haha all to make the site more Web 2.0 compliant I guess, now just got to...

Ratz It’s Life Up!

Finally, my comic microsite Ratz It's Life is up! On the 8th October 2006! Check it out at http://ratz.shaunchng.com Some parts are still under construction though, but still cool. Please mind the initial strips as it was mostly done up in a rush. Now to think of new cool comic storylines in the mist of the rush.

Work & stuffs, New Tutorial: Figure Clay Sculpting Tutorial

Finally beat the driving school in GTA: San Andreas with gold for every station, unlocking the real cool Hotknife car. So its another "All-gold" in the bag together with my bike school, now left the boating & pilot school to upgrade to gold standard. Tips for the all-so impossible driving school missions: Burn and Lap: If you always finish after countless...

New Site Section: Kit Modelling Tutorial

:mrgreen: Hey all, the holidays had already started, well, about a week ago! Contrary to what most will think is the birth of a new found adbundance of time, breaking away from the shackles of school -FREEDOM. Nah its not for me. It's more work work work for me, even having to sprout my first IT show miss this...

Google Adsense? more like Senseless Cheats

I recieved an unexpected email from google recently stating the termination of my google-adsense account. After displaying my ads for about half a year, I've made a total of $300USD since then, no idea how such ads can generate so much cash by just putting them up on the site. They sent me a letter to comfirm a pin...

Video Page Updated

Site Updates: New Video up on the video page. Featuring a short 5min video on the volunteer community service program my class did last year at the sharity christmas giftbox, boys' brigade HQ.

Site temporarily down

Please bear as the site undergoes major code upgrading, during this period you may experience sudden 404 errors. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. It first came up with the downloads sections temporarily going down, due to a bug in the file management script. Dumb php coding... But fret not as I am in the process of fixing it should be...

New Video!

Ahaha had been hard working on my latest video for the last 2 days... Tata! from the KL trip last month (29th april - 2th may) KL theme parks! Its a 14min + video weighing in at about 50MB, but its worth every btye haha.. Do check it out at the site's video section & gimme your comments!

New sections in the Site, Lunch with troopers

😆 Been working the past 2 days, mainly doing tweaking & additions to the site. After all the hard work Hello! included 2 new sections into the site. Welcome to the happy family the site's Video Gallery! & the PhotoStitch photo gallery Page. The video section have 3 videos ready for download, while the photostitch page is fully up...

Makan Singapore!

There is a new additional section to the site, called SG happening - Makan places in Singapore. This is a soft opening of the section, which is still under construction. I am still in the mist of compiling the full food list at the moment. In the meantime, if you have any good places to recommend around Singapore, do...

Die comment spammers!

Add a niffy new plug-in to the blog today, namely an additonal field which requires people to enter a security code (from a randomly generated graphic) in order to successfully post a comment. Something any average net surfer can do, but not spam-bots. Though I personally hate filling out such unnecessary code-like-thingys even before I could get anything posted,...

New site template

Ok, as promised the new site design would be up for all by tonight. You can check it out here. DO NOTE that the new template is not fully up yet. Therefore there might be some visual problems/inconsistencies between pages. But they should all be fised by saturday. 😉

Ups a daisy!

The site would be undergoing a makeover starting today afternoon, during this period there may be some mismatch of colours, images due to the new css styles. But the site would still be up nonetheless. Would see everything up by well, tonight. In the meantime why not check out these cool sites I came about: Bunny music video: Everyone's having...

New site design comin’ up

Just came back from my WITS leader course at Toh Payoh, HDB hub, its a 9am-5pm workshop held today & tomorrow teaching mainly on skills & knowledge about being a wits team leader. Very much looked forward too are the 2 tea breaks at 11am & 3pm, not to mention the 1 hour lunch break from 12pm-1pm where, maocheng...

Tutorials up!

Its finally up & ready! Check out the new computer related tutorials out on site at this URL. One more Kit-modelling tutorial to go. 😉

Typy sunday… or so it was

Well, its late now, time to get some much needed rest from a day of writing. Finished the HTPC & External Harddrive tutorial today, updated the old DIY PC tutorial with some niffy updates, freshened up the images & made them bigger & more pleasant to the eye. The DIY computer section will now spot an idependent tutorial sub-section...

New tutorials to come

I've been working on a few tutorials which I hope to launch altogether into the site sometime this week or so, so is the addition of a FAQ & updated tutorial of the old popular "DIY computer" article once I finish them all. Kit model tutorial (finally!) Building a HTPC (home theater PC) Assembling a 3.5" External Harddrive Upgrading your...

National Weekend!

National day is today, & whee red & white madness everywhere...:shock: Ok now for some site based updates for the day... did some minor upgrades & fixes around the site, firstly with the addition of the new projects page. Showcased there are more or less my progress & current task(s) I am involved in, that includes assignments & commissions, a...

New Art Added.

New Art piece, "offender" added to the art gallery.

Abundance Lenkok Bahru


Rockstar Chicken People’s Park


Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ


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