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Site enhancements, Training now

Been up installing quite a few new plugins for wordpress, namely a blog category search cloud and blog “Reads” counter, which you can see on the details of every post, most counts are all 0 for a start so it’s quite dinky lol. Haha all to make the site more Web 2.0 compliant I guess, now just got to add more interactivity and maybe an AJAX shoutbox or so if I see fit.

WordPress questions
Do anyone know of a wordpress plugin which allows individual authors to moderate/approve their own comments? Say if a wordpress blog has multiple users and not only the admin can moderate them, but each user under “comments” will see comments posted to only their own posts and they can approve it from there.

Track training these days are quite low key, mainly games, catching and stuffs. Reminds me of the old games I used to play during primary school recess. One legged catching and Police & Thief, ahh all the old memories. Then it’s always all soaking wet in uniform back to class. Play it when we are older now and its abit different now- we are all strategist and plan attack like wolves in groups now, unlike the old days, which actually removes the fun out of it.

Commenting on the game today, don’t the thieves in “Police & Thief” have a safe house where they can all rest and hide? Just like how the police have a Jail Area, cus I recalled playing it that way last time. Nevertheless guess I am not as fast as I was in primary school too, always can outrun most people back then… haha old already ah… or is marathon training getting too much on my speed now?

On timetable theres completely no class tomorrow, unless you choose GEMS on a wednesday (which I did) so class starts at 1pm for me. There will be no training till next friday, guess I should be hitting the gym for some weights and threadmill tomorrow before resting for the NIE Director Race. Had dinner the newly reopened ABC market just now- nasi goreng and mutton chop… chow chow chow carbo fattening time.



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