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Work & stuffs, New Tutorial: Figure Clay Sculpting Tutorial

Finally beat the driving school in GTA: San Andreas with gold for every station, unlocking the real cool Hotknife car. So its another “All-gold” in the bag together with my bike school, now left the boating & pilot school to upgrade to gold standard.

Tips for the all-so impossible driving school missions:

Burn and Lap:
If you always finish after countless number of tries with 99% 36.76secs with the frame limiter ON, you are already there! Turn frame limiter OFF in the video options and you will notice yourself winning this item with 35secs with no kick on the 1st attempt. It seems that running the game at more FPS makes it, the game more fluid and give your more “bullet time” to tackle those turns, so it seems.

City Slicking:
Take the cable car track route along where your auto show room is. Keep going straight till you turn right at the T-intersection, upon reaching the mid-checkpoint downhill, U turn and head back the same way! Do not go by the docks, the traffic sux there. Just be careful not to stop completely at the mid U-turn as it will terminate the attempt.

New tutorial added!
Yea, its’s another tutorial written and added to the site’s tutorial archive! This time it’s a guide for ya people on figure clay sculpting. Documented when making my clay werewolf figure late last year. Finally got the tutorial written during the holidays after all long time

check it out!

Kit Modeling

Mum’s Birthday
Mum’s birthday is coming on the 13th of September, would be celebrating this weekend with an international buffet planned at River Front hotel. Mmm haven’t got to buy a present for her yet, together with a birthday card… maybe I should bug sis to get it this time.

Holiday work
Work is on as usual at Simlim Tower, what I like is the flexible working time and I can work from home most of the time, due to the nature of my job as a computer programmer, web designer & general IT-specialist/consultant, so besides making it for meetings, its just a matter of getting the projects up on time, effective!

The workload is still light and cool and I try to make it down most of my free days whenever possible, so its like a 3 day work week so as it seems, with the rest working from home and/or school training days. Working in office is relatively new to me, but interesting, not to mention getting to know my colleagues and heads better, with the exception of very choppy office internet connection which can’t really get much productive work done around.

Looks like before I know it, the holidays will be over, it’s 2 more weeks after this. Well, it will be not much of a holiday for me either too… nevertheless a good time to catch up on chores.. yea so they won’t keep piling up…

First day of IVP 2006/2007 will be on this Saturday and 13th Sept is also the release date of my Semester results, o-woot!


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