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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Code up & running

Finally! got the news section code and comments system settled, reset it and cleared all previous entries. Thanks to GamerZ pointing out the problem to me. Now its time to focus my attention to other parts of the site.

Site up & functional

The site's pretty well much up and running already. Dude, did the tons of php coding on the blog entry and comments section- sure kinda whocked me up in the afternoon, till I got it fixed after dinner. Added cookies functions so you don't need to retype your nick and stuffs each time you post any comments, keke, so...

Design Version 10 up!

Ok, as promised, V10.0 is up dudes! feel free to romp around the site. In the meantime, I have to adjust some pages to fit the new color scheme, so please bear with it. Also, a comments section is up, but its still very very buggy.

Woo news page up!

This is a news test page. The news section will be up on friday afternoon (8+ GMT). Sorry for any inconvience caused

Functional check 2

Got the new blog system up, ported from my previous databases, so here goes, test test testing, 1, 2, 3.

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