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New Site Section: Kit Modelling Tutorial

:mrgreen: Hey all, the holidays had already started, well, about a week ago! Contrary to what most will think is the birth of a new found adbundance of time, breaking away from the shackles of school -FREEDOM. Nah its not for me. It’s more work work work for me, even having to sprout my first IT show miss this year (Comex 2006). On a brighter side at least I can finally find time to clear chores I never thought I could ever get done, whats more I have some cash to earn for splurges I make from work. Busy busy busy like a bee, haiz no time, school reopens 25th this month too.

Then there comes the saying “time is money”, with this there are 2 possibilities, either:

»  I won’t have any money, as I don’t have time?
» Or I will be a rich man as all my time are already money?

Haha I will leave you to figure that out.

Got an update from my camp mates who recently got called up into in-camp training, my unit, 428 ATW got disbanded. Me wonders how our unit will get back together during our reservist phase. Till then to full fledged reservist en-masse, the possibilities we can think of are very interesting.

Last but not least, TADA. Finally I’ve written a new tutorial for the site, the 101s of Plastic Kit Modeling, check it out!

Kit Modeling
Mileage for the last last week (7 day period 21- 27Aug)
SP Gym 2+1 Varied Weight Training + 5.0km treadmill – Friday
Sheares Bridge run and AHM, 21.1km – Sunday
Total Millage for week = 26.1km (87% of 30km/week target met)

Millege for the last week (7 day period 28Aug- 3Sept)
SP Track & Field Training, 2 Rounds School Compound, 4km – Tuesday
SP Gym 2 Sets Varied Weight Training – Friday
SP Track & Field Training, 30 Rounds 400m Track, 12km – Friday
Total Millege for week = 16.0km (53.3% of 30km/week target met)


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