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PhotoStitch paranoma galleries updated!

After spending the last 2 days sloughing through hundreds of photographs (even to the extent of Photoshop glitching when putting together several 12 Megapixel images to form an image over 32000 pixels in width), it is finally done! The photo stitch gallery had received a significant update with all the panoramas I’ve captured over the last few months, namely an injection of over 20 aerial shots I’ve captured in the UK itself, finally they are all uploaded on the site.

There are quite an assortment of nature scenic shots as well as the horde shot of the 2010 Countdown at London. Here is one in Cardiff I have of Cathay’s park, Wales:

sc cathays park cardiff stitch

The galleries had outgrown the single page, so I’ve sub caterogesd them into 3 main pages now focusing on a region each. You can navigate through them via the sub dropdown menus on the pages too. Check out the galleries here on the site:
UK Gallery | Singapore Gallery | Malaysia & Indonesia Gallery


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